Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thick as a Brick

Opponents to Mexico's invasion of the United States didn't have the time to take a day off in protest, so they sent bricks to Congress instead with messages like, "Stop the Invasion, Build a Wall" organized by these folks:

These guys just don't get it, namely Colorado Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar. Allard "laughed about the heavy bricks he has found in his in-box, saying he'll have to weigh them against the letters and calls he receives from both sides." (Rocky Mountain News May 2, 2006)

'The question I have is, how do they get that through security? The second thing is, how did they afford the postage? Now that is a motivated citizen.'
That's right Allard, how the hell can we afford to send bricks when the middle and working classes are experiencing wage stagnation, rising property taxes, rising auto insurance, rising social security and medicare taxes caused by the diseased, illiterate, rapist criminals from Mexico that are invading America. (see the rape part here.)

Now the Editor in Chief of Ad Jesu per Mariam gets goose pimples at the idea of 12 million Roman Catholic invading the Protestant United States of America. He knows that his people came over on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and NOT the Mayflower. But Mexico is a socialist hell hole and Vincent Fox, the Masonic, bigamist is the chief example of what is wrong with Mexico. The Mexican people still have a healthy devotion to the Blessed Vigin Mary but methinks we are not getting the cream of the crop from Mexico (whose own southern border is heavily miltarized.) Mexico is exporting the dross of the society. These illegal aliens are people whose first act as "Americans" is an illegal one. Get in line DAMMIT! Besides we need immigrantion DIVERISTY! (it always pays to throw in liberal catch phrases.)

So, if we are talking about 100 million Filipinos, Latinos and Eastern Europeans who dutifully fill out their paperwork and come to America I'm all for it!!!! The secret "Build the Tunnel to the Vatican" programme is in full swing here in the USA with the appointment of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court ... the 100 million Roman Catholics just add laborers to the fold.