Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Okay, Honey, but Where's the Burqa?

Pro-Hezbollah protestors recently took full advantage of their Western, Judeo-Christian democratic freedoms to denounce Israel (and by implication the United States) at the Israeli consulate in New York City.

Fair enough, your country plays footsie with terrorists who want to wipe Israel and the USA off the face of the earth. Israel has responded (finally) to the hundreds of missals launched from your country. You're mad at the "disproportionate" repsonse. (more on this proportionalism issue later)

There's only one problem, where's the internal integrity? the logical conclusion to your ideas? I mean, will you be able to dress like that in Tel Aviv or New York after Hezbollah takes over? Women protesting this issue in Beirut weren't dressed like this!

No problem, I have found suitable dress for you. It is true that as a Westernized, Christian male, I have an eye for the beauty of female form but while you stand on American soil supporting people who vow to destroy it, please wear this burqua in order to satisfy the law of non-contradiction (or is that law just another vestige of western, judeo-christian oppression?). It is a bit short but the color scheme has a certain je ne sais quoi that really turns me on.

Poland Won't Play Nice, Thank God!

This article by a New York Times hack bemoans how Poland refuses to play nice and submit to EU socialism, the homosexual agenda or UN-one-world-government.
WISLICA, Poland This modest village in central Poland, standing in the shadow of the Basilica of the Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary, finds itself reaching back to its deepest roots soon after Poland, and much of Central Europe, won the prizes of membership in NATO and the European Union.

They have given their support to a nationalist Roman Catholic government that in the few months since coming to power has been defending what people here call Christian values and acting with an aggressiveness and a pugnacity that alarms more secular and liberal- minded people in Poland and elsewhere in Europe.
Yes, when countries elect God-hating socialists who push homosexual marriage and athiesm, they're "moderate", "secular", and peace-loving. When other choices are made they're "aggressive", "pugnacious" and "nationalistic."

The photo is, of course, Donald Sutherland from Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the final scene where the only other free person attempts to talk to Donald as they were the last two who were not "snatched." Only problem was: they got to Donald. It sums up in graphic form the sentiment expressed by the NYT and the leftist death cult in regard to countries and people who take their freedom and support capitalism, Judeo-Christian ethics and Western Civilzation.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gay Marriage Meets Gay Divorce

From Boston.com

BOSTON (Reuters) - The lesbian couple whose landmark lawsuit helped Massachusetts become the only state in America where same-sex couples can marry legally have split up, a spokeswoman said on Friday.....

Julie and Hillary Goodridge married on May 17, 2004, the first day same-sex couples were allowed to wed, in a festive ceremony attended by dozens of journalists.....
Seems that one of them is a principal at an investment firm and the other is a professional beggar for the Unitarian Universalist Church. Seems like a cozy relationship. I wonder who loses the house, all the money and is forced to pay $3000/month alimony. My money is on the financier getting the short end of the stick on this one.

In the meantime, the Massachusetts Legislature decided to do nothing until after the elections in regard to the Constitutional amendment which they are forced by law to vote on one way or the other. That's real smart, not doing anything on an issue that 70% of Massachusetts voters support. Now we can hammer them during the whole election cycle. Real smart.

Catholic Art

Just reminding myself that this is supposed to be Catholic Trad blog ... but I have such a hard time containing my passions. Behold this ... I think it sums up the nature of the Tridentine Mass (aka the Latin Mass that liberals (even non-Catholic ones) detest, so.)

The Mass of the old Roman Missal was described by Father William Faber as "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven". Bishop Fulton Sheen, when describing that same Mass said "Some things in life are too beautiful to be forgotten.

Zidane Update

Follow up #1
Zidane was suspended three games and the Italian that provoked him was suspended for two. Zidane is retiring so this is irrelevent but the Italian inquestion will miss Euro Cup 2008 matches.

Follow up #2
Zizou gets to keep the golden ball award awarded by journalists to the MVP of the World Cup.

In the meantime, I'm pulling for Arsenal of the British Premier league. I figured I just had to pick a team and Manchester United seemed like a bit too easy. I used to work at a place called "The Arsenal" which was a US Army Research Facility in my hometown, so I figured what the heck.

Arsenal won the championship last year, though, so I guess they're pretty good. They play out of North London, in a brand spanking new stadium ... so I'll day-dream about seeing a match there someday. Thierry Henry, the striker from the French national team, plays there, so I'll enjoy pulling for him. There are rumors that Thierry is trying to get his bud Franck Ribery on the team, too. That would be awesome. More on Franck later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zizou We Love You

When my beloved England got bounced from the World Cup I continued watching intently, all the while recalling my glorious days on the football pitch (I'll blog that later.) Maybe it was in the throes of this childhood reverie that I watched France beat Spain and then Portugal. I took interest in two players (midfielders of course) Zinedine Zideine and Franck Ribery. Zideine for his cool , masterful control and Ribery for his hell-bent-for-leather attacking.

France made it to the final and lost to Italy and lost in a miserable shootout finale.

Most notably Zizou Zidaine played his last game due to his announced retirement. He was kicked out early for slamming his head into the chest of an Italian player who called Zidane's mother a whore. Video link here. This video from BBC alleges sexual advances made by the Italian. Fun game of the incident here. More fun stuff here.

My positon on this: Zizou show great restraint. The Italian player would have been severely crippled if he had said that to me while my mother was deathly ill.

Also, Franck Ribery, did quite well for himself. He was playing second tier football in France two seasons ago and is nor getting offered millions of $$$$ by teams like Arsenal and Manchester United of the British elite league, Real Madrid of the Spanish Elite league and Lyon of the top French league. Good on you Franck!

Americans Suffer from "Winner's Complex"

After Claire Shipman of ABC extols Mikhail Gorbachev for liberating Russia, (read the liberal rubbish here) she quotes former USSR lead Mikhail Gorbachev as saying:

"We have made some mistakes," he said, referring to recent attacks on Russia's democracy. "So what? Please don't put even more obstacles in our way. Do you really think you are smarter than we are?"
To the question are "we" smarter than the commies: YES.

Then Comrade Gorbachev goes on:
"Americans have a severe disease -- worse than AIDS. It's called the winner's complex," he said. "You want an American style-democracy here. That will not work."
To the second consideration of America suffering from a "winner's complex" to that I plead guilty.