Monday, April 30, 2007

NE Revolution 1 - FC Dallas 0

The Revs looked in relatively fine form on Sunday and easily dispatched the Dallas squad. This was the first game of the season that I watched and they look much the same way they did last year (the notable exception being not having the dazzling Clint Dempsey to watch).

Taylor Twellman (pictured at left and also rumoured to be interested in migrating to Britannia like Dempsey) was in rocking good form and scored in mid-aerial, twisty kick that left the Dallas keeper mystified. As Rev's coach noted during the mid game interview, the Revs did look a little sluggish in the 87 degree heat. Who can blame them?

Dallas does have some talent but it is mostly in the form of selfish and immature superstar types who either are unwilling or unable to engage in team play and one-touch cycling of the ball. To my mind the Rev just have too many weapons and as a result they just overwhelm any defense. Of note, is "Kenny" Smith who seems to go from the mid-line to the box in about three steps. He seems to be developing a penchant for attacking defenders straight on. He's like a young Julio "the Beast" Baptista of Arsenal Fame: graceful, fast and a bit intimidating.

There's a youngster named Cristman who looks impressive enough featuring a soft touch for a big man. Rookie Wells Thompson looked a little lost out there, he'll need a few seasons of course to get up to par.

Other than that, it was the usual Revs roadshow: solid all the way around, a crew that seems totally comfortable with each other and with themselves. Acquiring a "designated player", a super-salaried star is all the rage this season with the advent of Mr. Beckham in L.A. As the English Premiere season wraps up, I wonder who Coach Nicol will entice to cross the Atlantic with him?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Homosexual Indoctrination of Children

From MassResistance:

A how to video. Do you know what your public school system teaches about this subject?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Iraq Explained

Tim Russert (D-NBC) gets a lecture from a real journalist.

Has Russert been held to account for his patronage of a show hosted by a rabid racist named Don Imus?

Forces of Satan Loom

Al-Queda 'planning big British attack"

AL-QAEDA leaders in Iraq are planning the first “large-scale” terrorist attacks on Britain and other western targets with the help of supporters in Iran, according to a leaked intelligence report.

Spy chiefs warn that one operative had said he was planning an attack on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in an attempt to “shake the Roman throne”, a reference to the West.

I kinda like the reference to all of the West as the throne as the "Roman Throne." Christ would be the KIng that sits on that throne.

Can we just get down to brass tacks and now name the terrorists as the force of Satan and the West as the force of God? Those are big shoes to fill but I bet we can do it.

Speaking of big shoes to fill there was a debate among the socialists who would be President in this country. When asked what would they do if a couple of American sities were attacked. Barack Husein Obama said he would makes sure that there are enough ambulances and then refused to speculate on the premise of the question that Al Queda did it. Breck Girl Edwards would hold thm accountable, I guess he would sue them in the World Court. I guess he would impose himself as mayor of whatever cities are attacked. Hilary drew and ace and talked of an immediate retaliation and she did use the word "RETALIATE." If you listen carefully you can hear the mumuring of the communists in attendance.

There's only one criterion that matter in the office of President of the United States: how will person act as Commander in Chief of Armed Forces. Will this person do what it takes to protect my family? Obama is a Manchurian candidate, you might as well elect Osama bin Laden. Edwards is unserious and not fit to be even a Senator. Hilary may be a socialist but I believe she would have no problem obliterating a country that attacked us.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Vatican Agent Explains Why We Need a City Guy for Prez

Chris Mathews (D-NBC) explains why we need a city guy for president on the old Imus show and drops an F- Bom on national television. Hmmmmm... would that city guy be a Roman Catholic? ... conspiracy theorists want to know. Is he the real thing? What's with the divorce and pro-gay marriage/pro-divorce/pro baby murder thingy? Is Guiliani under deep Vatican cover? What about Mathews, another Catholic! They're everywhere!!!!!

Kentucky Fried Hilary: Extra Large Thighs

"Vote for me, you ignoramouses because I taaaalk liiiiike youuuuuu!"


Operation Tunnel to the Vatican: Full Speed Ahead

Philadelphia, PA ( -- The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper is coming under fire for a cartoon it ran following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the federal partial-birth abortion ban. The cartoon entitled “Church and State” features the five Catholic members of the high court wearing bishop miters.

Joseph Cella, the head of Fidelis, a leading Catholic pro-life group, says the newspaper, "has breached the line of reasonable editorial commentary. This cartoon is venomous, terribly misleading and, blatantly anti-Catholic."

"We call on the Inquirer to repudiate the cartoon’s anti-Catholic sentiment," Cella told in a statement.

Cella says the cartoon suggests that the Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial birth abortion was a result of the Catholic Church influencing the votes of the five Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court, who are portrayed as Catholic Bishops.

God knows we cannot rely on real Roman Catholic Bishops to stand up for Roman Catholic teaching so might as well go with Roman Catholic laity. Sorry, athiests, socialists and liberals, we breed and you don't and this is a democracy, ultimately we will win.

I couldn't find the cartoon in question so I found a good one over at Faithmouse by anti-Catholic cartoonist Thomas Nast who was notorious for his vicious attacks on the leadership of the Catholic Church and government officials who happened to be Catholic. The image of Roman Catholic allegators swimming up the American River Ganges in order to swallow up Protestants, liberals, athiest and anybody who gets in our way kinda appeals to me. It's not as good as albino assasin Opus Dei monks, though .

I kinda like the idea of Roman Catholics absolutely controlling the Supreme Court. There's a Roman Catholic who is third in the line to the Presidency namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so all the chess pieces are nearly in place. Nancy has fooled people for years with this pro-abort liberal schtick but we all know that when the next phase of Operation Tunnel to the Vatican comes to pass, she's there on the inside. The ploy will be a Vatican threat of excommunication and then she'll fold like a house of cards.

Also, this week it was revealed that a Jewish collaborator has installed an Opus Dei member in the World Bank.

Next Step: The Presidency. To date the Vatican has used compliant Methodists in Laura and George Bush, it was this blog in its early days that documented the secret sign of allegiance in the form of a mantilla worn by Laura Bush. I'm not sure if the Vatican will deploy another secret agent in the form of a Protestant, a Mormon or whether she'll just go for the jugular and install a straight up Roman Catholic. It's fun to see these things slowly roll out on Vatican time which operates in centuries not in days.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

There's No Handshakes After an Abortion

Especially not for the baby who oftentimes has arms completely chopped off, the same arms which she used to use to suck her thumb (this one at 4 months)

From the Daily Mail in the UK:

Family doctor James Gerrard is one of a growing number of medical professionals who are refusing to refer women for abortion.

"Medically, abortion really isn't a popular thing to do, it is not a very technical or demanding operation and it's actually quite disheartening," he said.

"There's no handshakes or slaps on the backs afterwards, or the sense that you've done something great for someone. The best you can hope for is a sense of relief that it is over."

Dr Gerrard, a Catholic who is based at a GPs' surgery in Leeds, said two of the five doctors who work with him refuse to sign the legal form required for a woman to be referred for a termination.

"During the consultation I will tell them because of my personal views I cannot refer them to hospital for the procedure and they will have to speak to another doctor. I made my mind up on abortion before entering the medical profession.

"I am a Roman Catholic and my religious beliefs do form my moral point of view."

The next time abortion "rights" come up with someone I am going to quickly ask (with a smile) how many they're paid for. If the pro-abort is a female that I feel really deserves a jolt, I'll ask her how many she's had. It's fun to see people recoil to moral grounds regarding something immoral they support.

Empty Protestant Churches: What to do ?

Timesonline UK:

THE architectural historian and committed Anglican Sir Roy Strong has proposed a drastic solution to the problem of tiny congregations in country churches: burn the pews and share the buildings with community centres and farmers’ markets.

“It’s unreal for many of these churches to continue,” said Strong, who is high bailiff of Westminster Abbey. “They have these so-called untouchable brown wooden pews. But why not rip them out and burn them?”

His call comes as the Anglican authorities ease procedures for buildings to be given other uses — post offices are to open in two village churches next month.

Strong, a former director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, puts forward his arguments in a book to be published by Jonathan Cape in September.

He estimates there are 10,000 country churches, most built in the Middle Ages when most people lived on the land. In Herefordshire, his home county, he says some priests have to look after as many as 14 parishes.

“Country churches can only survive if they are repossessed by the community,” said Strong. “The last resort is demolition, but I’d much prefer to adapt them to the needs of the 21st century.”

Here is an idea. How about returning them to the church they were stolen from: the Roman Catholic Church? If most of the Churches were built during the Middle Ages then most of the Churches were built before the heresy of Protestantism.

Actually Strong is revealing just how 1970s his thinking is. In the 21st Century more people will be able to return to the country side because they will be able to make their living off the internet or in other indirect ways. Strong is trying to rehabilitate the the hippy concept of the commune hence his invocation of the "community." How about rebuilding families? Or is that too Christian for you?

England better return these churches back to the only true Christian church or they will be Mosques.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

No Time Even for the 4:30 Saturday

Now what does futbol have to do with religion, well somebody else thinks there's a connection,
from the New York Times:

For Some Hispanics, Coming to U.S. Means Abandoning Religion

RICHMOND, Va. — On Sunday afternoons, when the local Roman Catholic church holds Mass for Spanish-speaking Catholics, Edgar Chilín is playing soccer in a league with hundreds of Hispanic players.

As a child in Guatemala, Mr. Chilín attended Mass every Sunday. But after immigrating to the United States 25 years ago, he and his family lost the churchgoing habit. “We pray to God when we feel the need to,” he said, “but when we come here to America we don’t feel the need.” I guess he was praying for money the whole time and since he struck it rich he is all set.

A wave of research shows that increasing percentages of Hispanics are abandoning church, suggesting to researchers that along with assimilation comes a measure of secularization.


“Migrating to the U.S. means you have the freedom to create your own identity,” said Keo Cavalcanti, a sociologist at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., and a co-author of a recent study that found a trend toward secularization among Hispanics in Richmond. “When people get here they realize that maintaining that pro forma display of religiosity is not essential to doing well.” This lends credence to the idea that Hispanic faith is a inch deep and a mile wide.

Ms. Lemus, a first-generation immigrant, said that this year she had kept all of them [New Years resolutions], except going to church — and spends Sunday mornings at the gym. She thinks her faith is important, but said that perhaps she has grown “too materialistic.” Perhaps she has grown to fat eating all that McDonalds hence the need to gym time.

“I need God in my life, but I told the pastor, I get sleepy,” she said. “You have to stay in church from 1:30 to 5. I think if services were shorter, more entertaining.” Perhaps a nice 60 minute Mass at a Roman Catholic Church would be better than useless 5 hour snake shaker sessions at the Pentacostal revival tent.

Jesus Cerritos, a 37-year-old construction worker who immigrated from Mexico 18 years ago, said he spent his weekends running errands, going to Wal-Mart and watching television. His children, ages 11 and 9, tell him that church is boring and that they have no desire to go, but Mr. Cerritos has mixed feelings.

“Here, the people get more materialistic,” Mr. Cerritos said. “The culture here is really barren. There’s no traditions.” That's right and don't be surprised when ultimayely your children have no respect for themselves, their parents, their heritage or for God. God is no necessarily in the American equation.

Revolution 4 - FC Toronto 0

The New England Revolution blasted expansion Toronto FC. Taylor Twellman was up to his usual antics with two goals one of which counted as the 500th in club history. The game was broadcast on channel 38 WSBK TV which means I could have watched it had I not been wrapped up watching Sheffield United manhandle West Ham United. Apparently the Revs have scored a contract with channel 38 which comes as a relief as the English Premiere League draws to a close and I only have Setanta Sports and the DirecTV family pack (No ESN or NESN). The Revs game drew 19,000 fans which is very good considering the 48 degree blustery weather.

I watched a match between my beloved Tottenham Hotspur away at Wigan Athletic which drew only 16,000 and their game time temp was 77. The commentators, my favorites, David Pleat and Jon Champion chalked it up to the opening of the cricket season and perhaps a preference for Wigan residents to spend the day "in their backdoor garden." Yes, the English are very fond of their gardens but that is not the problem in Wigan, their fans are lukewarm and that club deserves to be sent down. The match ended in a tie, 3-3.

The Revolution look much the same as last year, the only notable missing player was Clint Dempsey who did the only sensible thing and packed his bags for Britannia and joined Fulham FC. The problem is that the Fulham club has barely played him and the club has been sliding downward to the point of potential relegation out of Premiere League and into the Championship League. No sweat off Clint's brow as Championship League is still ten times better than the backwaters of the MLS but Fulham would be well advised to play him. Fulham's manager, Chris Coleman, has been fired and maybe the new coach will employ this American asset.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Evil, Socialist Witch, But Still Better Than a Muslim

For her Wellesley classmates, Hilary Clinton's quest to become the first female president is a generational mirror. Some like what they see; others are less certain.

They were there for her fiery commencement speech, delivered at the height of the Vietnam War, when she described her class’s search for a “more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living” and said that every protest was “unabashedly an attempt to forge an identity in this particular age.” The speech landed Hillary Rodham in the spotlight as a celebrated archetype of a new generation of women.

More immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living”? How about devotion to Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross and living under the authority of his Church?

Meanwhile, Katie Couric ponders the first muslim president.

Revealed: Civil Unions are a Stepping Stone to Gay "Marriage"

If NPR reports it, its got to be true. All the more reason why no Roman Catholic can support civil unions.

Turning Back the Clock on Vatican II? There's Still Time

Time Magazine plumbs the depths of leftist stupidity and performs its usual sly propaganda.

by Jeff Israeli
Thanks to Benedict's thoughtful manner, Church progressives had believed that the man who was once the hard-line Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger would cut some slack on areas of doctrinal contention
Yes those "progressives" that like homosexual marriage and socialism are just filled the "thoughts." All the wrong the ones. Note the dichotomy, the Pope's hard-line would allow one to go progressivist, sorry Jeff, only neo-Conservatives do this. The only hard-line the Progreesives support is the one dictated by their master, Satan.
Progressives have all but given up their fantasy of Benedict the Reformer. In the coming weeks, the Pope is expected to release a document that would allow the more widespread practice of the traditional Latin Mass, which was all but shelved with the reforms of the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.
What a lie, progressives recoiled in horror at the nominsation of Josef Ratzinger, unfortunately few of them abandoned the Church whose doctrines they disparage. Progressives have the staying power of cockroaches. The Tridentine Mass will be like a sharp searchlight turned on these cockroaches.

The Progressive Wish List
Eighteen months ago, one Rome-based progressive cleric had said he was "surprised to see that [Benedict] seems to be open to hear new ideas." But today, the same priest is disappointed. There has been no sign of any of the hoped-for reforms: overturning the ban on communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, reconsidering the celibacy requirement for priests, allowing gays in seminaries, or a softening of the condom ban to allow for distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa.
Divorced and remarried Catholics? Sorry Charlie, that bigamy plain and simple, Jesus said so. Marriage is a participation in the cross, you don't get to carry two at a time. Celibacy will be the one way to rout out the homosexuals as they are mostly incapable and routinely unwilling to practice it. It'll be a useful tool in the coming decades. Allowing gays in seminaries? They were overrun by gays in the 1960s and 1970s! Well, condoms certainly have done nothing to stop the spread of AIDS in San Francisco, why would that work in Africa? Shipping in condoms is like shipping in matches and lights to a fire prone area. Perhaps the Church will stay with her tried and true teaching of chastity before marriage and then fidelity during marriage (what progressives hate.)

Why, oh why, doesn't Jeff Israeli just write one article which agitates for pork sandwiches to be served during the Passover Seder?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Stacking the Deck to Bolster Their Weak Case

Is Religion Futile? (Perhaps it is in London)
On March 26, in the Westminster Central Methodist Hall, the Times of London co-hosted a public debate. The proposition to be argued was “we’d all be better off without religion.” The run-up to this event had taken on such a life of its own that by early March the British press had begun heralding the 26th as “Futility of Faith Day. “ The nickname stuck. The event sold out.

The team debating “for” the proposition featured celebrity atheists, Richard Dawkins (author of the bestselling "The God Delusion") and Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair correspondent and author of the forthcoming rant, "God is Not Great.") Their point man was a lesser-known but witty philosopher named A.C. Grayling

The team debating “against” the proposition (which is to say for religion) comprised a female Rabbi and two professors, neither of whom were theologians and both of whom owned up to being lapsed Methodists. Not exactly an all-star God squad.
Lemme get this straight Dawkins/Hitchens/Grayling vs. A girl playing rabbi and two lapsed Methodists? Rabid athiests with 20 books authored between them verses 3 confused liberals. Literally, one of lapsed Methodists ..
was Professor and philosopher Roger Scruton, an eloquent and respected gentleman. Perhaps prejudicing anyone in the audience not familiar with his serious writings, the evening’s handout program described Scruton as running “an experimental farm in Wiltshire which turns grass into ideas and ideas into feelings.”
How much grass did he smoke before the "debate?" Having theological liberals defend religion is like having homosexuals defend procreation, their very existence depends on it but they are hardly enthusiastic practicioners of the art.

How about the New England Patriots verses autograph seeking Pop Warner kids ? Where was Rabbi Smuley Boteach? Thomas E. Woods? Father John Corapi? Heck, my priest from could single handedly destroy Dawkins and gang.

This was no debate. What else do you expect? But no fear, the Faith is growing in England and the athiests know it.

Problem:A Natural Gas OPEC - Solution: Pellets

This story provides a nice segue into a post on my activities for the past few weeks which has resulted in a dearth of posting. Soon, $300 a month natural gas bills will be the quaint old days when natural gas was cheap.

Two things prompted me to investigate the world of bio-fuels.

1) My house has been at 62 degrees during the day and 58 degrees at night for the past two years and the number of dollars it takes to do this in a 1600 square foot house just boggles my mind. The U.S. produces a fair amount of the natural gas but a fair chunk of it comes from our annoying neighbours to the south. Geopolitics aside: My family and I are tired of freezing our arses.

2) My attention had been drawn to an individual named John Sharpe who runs Distributist Press. I don't know enough about Distributism to make any definitive statement about it but from what I gather its an anti-corporate, anti-communist and thoroughly Roman Catholic view on economics. From what I can gather the major tenet of Distributism is "keeping it local." Expect more on Distributism in the near future. Distributism is really interesting economic analysis and bonus: it has the effect of driving neo-Catholics in apopolyptic rages.

Put these two things together and you get heating your house with wood pellets, something I did for five years in my old house which saved me thousands of dollars. (see right)

There exists an amazing (but not new) technology consumers can use to heat their home: they're bio-fuels in the form of wood, corn, wheat and, soon, grass packed into the shape of a pellet and burnt in a furnace. This is not throwing logs into the fireplace. Most fireplaces lose the same amount of heat as they produce. At best a fire place is 25% efficient. A free standing wood stove is around 50% efficient. New pellet stoves and newer oil and gas furnaces are around 80% efficient and the super-duper-Al-Gore-save-the-planet oil and gas furnaces are about 92% efficient.

There's nothing like a nice fire and there's something even nicer in spending $450/yr to heat your house to 72 degrees, all the while buying a product produced in Jaffery, NH and sold in family owned stores. This being New England, I'll be burning the local stuff: wood pellets.

As stated previously, the blogmaster takes no position on global warming but, for the record, bio fuels like wood pellets, corn, wheat and switchgrass are carbon neutral. Wood pellets are made from sawdust harvested from mills. For centuries, this dust was considered a waste product. The airborne ash and smoke from pellet stoves are virtually zero (as opposed to fireplaces and wood-log stoves.)

Here's a picture of the little beauty me and the misses picked out. The pellet stove (really a furnace) inserts right into our worthless and dangerous fireplace.

Editorial note: My apologies to readers who may be dismayed by the dollar sums and percentages and monetary concerns gracing the blog but readers should be reminded that your humble blogmaster grew up in a hard scrabble housing project and went on to a degree in economics from a prestigious university. That $110,000 bachelors degree has to be good for something! I've always got money on my mind and my mind on money. A curse, yes, but perhaps with further study of this whole Distributism thingy, it'll be a platform for new insights on the Faith for those who practice it in this corrupt world.