Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feast Day of Saint Thomas More, Bane of Protestants

(June 22) marked the feast of Saint Thomas More.

Happy belated feast day to all Adopted children.

Happy belated feast day to all Lawyers and Politicians

Happy belated feast day to all stepparents and widowers

Saint Thomas More was also known as Sir Thomas More

Saint Thomas More was born 7 February 1478, in Milk Street, London, England

Saint Thomas More was an English lawyer, author, and statesman who in his lifetime gained a reputation as a leading Renaissance humanist scholar, and occupied many public offices, including Lord Chancellor (1529–1532).

Saint Thomas More was the eldest son of Sir John More, a successful lawyer who served as a judge in the King's Bench court.

To his father's great displeasure, Saint Thomas More seriously contemplated abandoning his legal career in order to become a monk.

From 1499 to 1503, Saint Thomas More lodged at the London Charterhouse, subjected himself to the discipline of a Carthusian monk, and also considered joining the Franciscan order.

Saint Thomas More abandoned the order, however, perhaps because he judged himself incapable of celibacy.

Saint Thomas More finally decided to marry in 1505, but for the rest of his life he continued to observe many ascetical practices, including self-punishment

Saint Thomas More had four children by his first wife, Jane Colt, who died in 1511

Saint Thomas More remarried almost immediately, to a rich widow named Alice Middleton who was several years his senior.

Saint Thomas More and Alice Middleton did not have children together, though More raised Alice's daughter, from her previous marriage, as his own.

Saint Thomas More provided his daughters with an excellent classical education, at a time when such learning was usually reserved for men.

From 1510 to 1518, Saint Thomas More served as one of the two undersheriffs of the city of London, a position of considerable responsibility in which he earned a reputation as an honest and effective public servant, impressing the king by his arguments

As secretary and personal advisor to King Henry VIII, Saint Thomas More became increasingly influential in the government, welcoming foreign diplomats, drafting official documents, and serving as a liaison between the king and his Lord Chancellor: Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, the Archbishop of York.

Saint Thomas More is venerated with Saint John Fisher on 22 June, the day of the Saint John Fisher’s death.

Saint Thomas More refused to sign the Act of Supremacy that declared King Henry VIII Supreme Head of the Church of England

Saint Thomas More spoke freely of his belief that "no temporal man may be the head of the spirituality".

Saint Thomas More was sentenced to be hanged, drawn, and quartered (the usual punishment for traitors) but the king commuted this to execution by decapitation. The execution took place on July 6, 1535.

Saint Thomas More was beheaded on July 6, 1535

Saint Thomas More died 6 July 1535 (aged 57), London, England

Saint Thomas More was beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1886

Saint Thomas More was Canonized 1935, Rome by Pope Pius XI

Saint Thomas More was declared Patron Saint of politicians and statesmen by Pope John Paul II in 2000

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of Adopted children .

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of civil servants and court clerks,

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of difficult marriages,

Saint Thomas More is also the Patron Saint of large families,

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Florida,

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of lawyers

Saint Thomas More is the Patron Saint of politicians and statesmen,

Saint Thomas More is also the Patron Saint of stepparents and widowers

Let us pray that by the works, spiritual direction, spiritual maturity, intercession and martyrdom of Saint Thomas More , we may in this group find the spiritual motivation to win our souls for God. Amen

May we all in this group and beyond this group, Christians and non Christians alike, Catholics and non Catholics alike, be saved from the fires of hell and lifted up into heaven after our stay here on this exile. Amen

May our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Saint Thomas More and other Saints and Martyrs before and after him and through God's Divine Mercy strengthen our souls, open out the way for us all, and above all, intoxicate us with HIS love. Amen

May Christ make us into blazing fires to enkindle the earth with the heavenly fire HE brought us. Amen

The life history, works and teachings of Saint Thomas More can be viewed by clicking the photo of the Saint in our group's photo section.

Saint of the day, Novena of the month, Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Prayer for Priets etc would be communicated to you as promptly and consistently as humanly possible, by God's grace.

God bless u and grant ur hearts desire. Amen

Saint Thomas More, pray for us. Amen

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is 1984

War is Peace (*)
Freedom is Slavery (*)
Ignorance is Strength (*)
Terrorists are our best Friends
Freed terrorists deserve welfare, healthcare, college, taxpayer funded IVF, pensions, small business help, extra ....
The collapse of the WTC towers and the Pentagon on 911 was a wholesome "Natural" Act
Any undocumented Kenyan or whoever is obviously a "Natural" Citizen
The Oval Office's firing any Business CEO is not Control
Refusing FOIA Requests is Openness
Censorship is now Transparency
Censoring Opposing Views is Fairness
Criminal Illegal Aliens Before American Veterans for Health Care
Criminal Illegal Aliens Before American Children for College
Obama-Controlled Neoslavery is Freedom
Medical Records Held by the State is Privacy
Rationing Healthcare Creates Jobs
Better Healthcare for US Officials is Wonderful
Four Score Missing Nuclear Weapons Computers is Security
A Two-tiered Tax System favoring Politicians is Fair
Eliminating US Military Capacity is Increasing Strength
Freed, Armed Terrorists Make for Improved American Safety
Bow before Zod and ACORN

Saturday, June 13, 2009