Friday, April 03, 2009

Siding with the Muslims on this One

School bans Muslim mother from parents' evening for wearing veil

story here

Its one thing for naqib (full veil) wearers to try to become teachers or insist on wearing for a license photo but this is day to day life. This is also England, where they seem unable to draw the right line been religious and public life. The story cited is about a Catholic school (over which the British Gov't has full control.)

This woman is not trying to change British society and those proto athiests called Protestants have not even been able to swallow young girls wearing normal veils, after deacdes of throwing open the doors and letting everybody move in.

Yes, I'm siding with the Muslims on this one. This is the sort of overreaction that I fear will come about after a years of over-liberalism. I must say, though, the mascara is really attractive.

Praise God and Pass the Ammo

From World Net Daily:

Reports from across the country confirm that gun owners seeking to stock up on ammunition are facing the same list of problems: shortages, back orders, elevated prices and a long line of people staring at empty shelves where boxes of bullets used to be.

"Just about everywhere I've been, it's sold out," Darren Lauzon told KMGH-TV in Denver after he failed to find ammunition for his new .45 pistol. "Wal-Mart, Sportsman's, wherever."

"Folks have been experiencing shortages all over the country," a spokesman for the National Rifle Association told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat in California. "Since the election there has been a great increase in firearms sales as well. Background checks are up, enrollment in training and safety classes is up, concealed weapons permits are up, gun sales are up – and ammo manufacturers can't keep up with demand."


And the punch line:

"Barack Obama is right about one thing," Wyatt said. "We are clinging to God and our guns, and I defy him to try to take either one from us."

My friends: This country is headed for a not so civil war.

Bowing to Mecca

Obama bows to Saudi King in a contravention to normal diplomatic protocols.