Sunday, August 31, 2008

Proof of a God in Heaven?


Sometime you really have wonder at what cost some are willing to see their political ideology advanced.

To liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, the bounds are seemingly endless. Moore has made a recent career out of attacking President George W. Bush, bashing conservatives and criticizing business. His latest outrage occurred on MSNBC’s August 29 “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and when he commented about the coincidental timing of an unfortunate disaster – the potential for Hurricane Gustav to make landfall at the beginning of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

“I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” Moore said, laughing. “To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention, up in the Twin Cities – at the top of the Mississippi River.”

After that comment, Moore backed off a bit and did say he hoped nobody got hurt and he hoped everybody is taking cover. However, he failed to make note of the $43.625 billion in damage the last hurricane to strike New Orleans caused – Hurricane Katrina in 2005 – and the billions of dollars the storm cost taxpayers.

If it is proof of a God in Heaven then one needs to wonder why God is reigning death and destruction on one of the most fervently Democratic cities in the USA, while the Florida panhandle (solidly conservative), Mississippi (solidly conservative), Alabama (solidly conservative) and Houston (solidly conservative) are all spared. Also devastated by Hurricane Gustav: Cuba, spiritual homeland of all Democrats.

If the levees break again, this might be the final blow to New Orleans, like abandoning Sodom and Gomorrah, let everyone leave and not look back longingly.

Blood Sucking "Catholic" Heretics

Sen Joe Biden (D-Maryland)
Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-California)
Sen John Kerry (D-Massachusetts)

Hablo Espanol?

Trolling through my comments section I came across a quick note from the editor of this blog La Opinion de un Ciudadano. If you know Spanish this will be a fine read. It's going in my link section because after I start earning my wages in the stock market and quit the corporate rat race one of my plans for al my free time is to learn Spanish. This is idea originally came to me one weekend while was suffering from acute futbol withdrawal syndrome and the Telmundo channel showing the Mexican Super Liga was my only recourse.

My five year old will be learning French this year so I will be starting there but he'll get my endorsement of Spanish when it is available to him.

In the meantime, here's the abstracts from La Opinion de un Ciudadano

ABSTRACT Creativity is the ability to create new things, or watch those already existing from a different point of view, renewable. Creativity is contrary to the routine, the more of the same, and it is very necessary at all spheres of life, especially in relations with our family. Its main enemies are gray, "pulling the go", "I have too much with my problems" and "someday we will talk". Think and live so creative keeps us young and in love. Written by Santiago Olmedo & Ana Chiva

ABSTRACT. Sarah Palin is aspirant to the vice-presidency of the United States. She is not a person with political experience. But she has aspects particularly interesting to me. She is a mother of five children, able to balance two jobs, the house and the policy. She is also the proud mother of Trig (see photo), a baby born in April, with Down syndrome. And when she was offered the opportunity to do a prenatal diagnosis to offer her the posibility of abortion, she objected. Wow, Sarah!

ABSTRACT In the day's plane crash in Madrid, in which 154 people died, what did God? There are people who ask that. In the video below, a young woman student at the University of Berkeley explains that she became that question when his mother died suddenly at 49 years (in English with Spanish subtitles)

ABSTRACT. Curiously, in the United States, the Democratic candidates who are Catholics (Ferraro in 1984, Kerry in 2004 or now Biden in 2008) are pro abortion. You have a good article about the faith of Biden here. The only improvement of the right to life of the unborn has taken a non-Catholic, George Bush. This president has undeniable flaws but banned one type of abortion more bloody, the partial birth abortion.

ABSCTRACT. Divorce produces a significant harm to the weaker part: the children. Regardless of moral values, it is important not to hide these data. You can here read this article about a work published in Britain

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woman, Thy Name is Heretic

Pelosi gets unwanted lesson in Catholic theology

Aug 28 03:12 AM US/EasternBy RACHEL ZOLLAP Religion Writer

Politics can be treacherous. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked on even
riskier ground in a recent TV interview when she attempted a theological defense
of her support for abortion rights.
Roman Catholic bishops consider her arguments on St. Augustine and free will so far out of line with church teaching that they have issued a steady stream of statements to correct her.
The latest came Wednesday from Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik, who said Pelosi, D-Calif., "stepped out of her political role and completely misrepresented the teaching of the Catholic Church in regard to abortion."
It has been a harsh week of rebuke for the Democratic congresswoman, a Catholic school graduate who repeatedly has expressed pride in and love for her religious heritage. Cardinals and archbishops in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Denver are among those who have criticized her remarks. Archbishop George Niederauer, in Pelosi's hometown of San Francisco, will take up the issue in the Sept. 5 edition of the archdiocesan newspaper, his spokesman said.
Sunday, on NBC's "Meet the Press" program, Pelosi said "doctors of the church" have not been able to define when life begins.
She also cited the role of individual conscience. "God has given us, each of us, a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions," she said.
Brendan Daly, a spokesman for Pelosi, said in a statement defending her remarks that she "fully appreciates the sanctity of family" and based her views on conception on the "views of Saint Augustine, who said, 'The law does not provide that the act (abortion) pertains to homicide, for there cannot yet be said to be a live soul in a body that lacks sensation.'"

Those chilling words ... "lacks sensation" and yet a babies nervous system is fully formed within weeks of conception. And then, to intermingle theological specualtions on the soul from St Augustine, pull a switcharoo, and justify gruesome murder with St Augustine .. truly this is diabolical disorientation.

Even pseduo Christians (protestants, orthodox, Mormons) chide the Holy Church for Inquisitions and witch burnings .. but with Pelosi you can come to understand their necessity and utility.

I have been waiting for abortion (aka murder) to enter into this race and now it has. How characteristic is it that it comes from aposate Catholics.