Monday, December 25, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI: On the Dignity of Children

from breitbart news:

Pope Benedict XVI appealed for the respect of the "dignity of children" during Midnight Mass attended by thousands at St Peter's Basilica and watched by millions more on television.

With the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, God "teaches us respect for children," the pope said in his homily broadcast live on 73 television stations in 47 countries.

"The child of Bethlehem directs our gaze towards all children who suffer and are abused in the world, the born and the unborn," said the spiritual leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics.

Speaking in Italian, he pointed to "children who are placed as soldiers in a violent world ... children who have to beg ... children who suffer deprivation and hunger ... children who are unloved."

He said: "In all of these it is the child of Bethlehem who is crying out to us. ... Let us pray this night that the brightness of God's love may enfold all these children. Let us ask God to help us do our part so that the dignity of children may be respected."

The Pope is recentering Christmas on the Christ-Child, which is the correct thing to do. The silliness that we see around us is from the loss of focus on the Christ.

Reuters had some accurate analysis as to what may be on Pope's mind:

The Catholic Church, particularly in the United States, is still reeling from a 2002 child sexual abuse scandal involving priests. This month a papal preacher suggested the Pope should call a day of penitence to seek forgiveness from God.

Merry Christmas and Peace to Men of Good Will

In Memoriam: Patricia Elizabeth Connors (1946-2006)

My mother passed away on Friday, December 22 at 2:30 pm at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was born Patricia Elizabeth Connors on September 16, 1946 in St Elizabeth Hospital in Brighton (Boston), MA to Constance Ambrose and Robert John Connors of Watertown, MA, St Luke's Parish. She lived virtually her whole life in St Luke's Parish area of Watertown and Belmont. She is survived by her ex-husband Thomas Gerard Coolberth, two sisters Maureen (Connors) Pires of Stoneham, MA and Debra (Connors) Corsetti of Weare, NH, her brother Robert Connors of Florida. She had five children: MSGT Philip S. Coolberth USAF of Boise, ID, Thomas S. Coolberth of Leominster, MA, Kimberly Ann (Coolberth) Fuller of Everett, WA, Joseph Albert Pires of Watertown, MA and Jennifer Maria Pires of Waltham, MA. Her six grandchildren are Candace, Carley, Colin, Stephanie, Vincent and Dominic.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Santa, Says Brit Teacher, Parents Outraged

A primary school has been accused of spoiling Christmas for pupils after a lesson telling them that Santa Claus does not exist.

Children as young as nine were told that only 'small children believe in Father Christmas'.

And yesterday their parents criticised teachers for taking the 'magic' out of the festive period.

The blunder came after the Year 5 pupils were given seasonal worksheets containing various festive classroom exercises.

One began by informing the children that 'many small children believe in Father Christmas'.

It then went on to explain that thousands of letters sent by these children to Santa every year are actually answered by the Post Office.

The youngsters were then asked to write a pretend letter from the Post Office to a child explaining why their requests for presents had been refused.

I'll admit that I saw red for a second when the headline caught my eye but 9 years old is a bit long in the tooth for Santa Claus myths. I'd say 6 or 7 is about the right time for a factoid about the Roman Catholic Bishop of Myra, Turkey (see previous post). But that is the problem with the myths ... they explode and the children are left with nothing. Better to give the truth (Jesus, the Nativity, Virgin Birth, Bishop of Myra) and give it to them early, the teachers are militant deconstructionists and they'll have their claws into your kids starting at age 5 in most cases.

I'll also admit that I am not pushing Santa on my little guys. This was met with protests by a Catholic friend but this person could not answer one reason why on religious grounds why Roman Catholics should push the Santa thing. This person also admitted that they dared not relate the story of the Nativity to their child. Weird. Filipino wifey looks at all this stuff as weird, also. I guess fat white guys dashing through the snow does not go over so well in sub-tropical Philippines.

The parents in the story and my Catholic friend, kept going on and on about the "magic" of Christmas. Sorry, I don't buy it and neither does wifey. Maybe we knew too many threadbare Christmas morns.

Here's my beef. What's up with the assignment? Why assign the kids a task to write other kids about why there is no Santa or about why they get no gifts? What are the being assigned the task of being a Scrooge? Seems a little militant to me.

Anyway, I'm officially ceding Santa Claus to the wicans, pagans and athiests ... call him Kwanzaa Claus for all I care. I'll stick with Jesus, the Virgin, the Nativity and the good ole Bishop of Myra, Turkey.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Libya To Execute Bulgarian Nurses

A dear Bulgarian friend brough this story to my attention and then my eye caught the headline on the Reuters website:

By Lamine Ghanmi

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to death on Tuesday for deliberately infecting hundreds of children with the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

"Justice has been done. We are happy," said Subhy Abdullah, who daughter Mona, 7, died from AIDS contracted at the hospital in the town of Benghazi where the medics worked.

"They should be executed quickly," Abdullah told Reuters after the guilty verdicts were announced by judge Mahmoud Haouissa at the end of a seven-month retrial of the case.

The charges

The six were accused of infecting 426 Libyan children, more than 50 of whom have since died, with HIV at a hospital in Benghazi in the late 1990s. The prosecution had demanded the death penalty. The medics deny the charge.

The truth

Luc Montagnier, a French doctor who first detected the HIV virus, has said the infections were first present in the Benghazi hospital in 1997, a year before the medics arrived.

Moral to this story

Stay out of Islamic countries especially if you intend to practice evil Western ways (e.g. rational thought, modern medicine, humanitarian activity.)

French Socialist Gets Cozy with Terrorists., Later Bewildered by Cold Shoulder

From Reuters by By Kerstin Gehmlich

PARIS (Reuters) - One is French. One is American. [Both are socialists] Both may become the first female presidents of their country. But will Segolene Royal and Hillary Rodham Clinton support or snub each other in their battle?

Speculation about the power women's relationship rose in France after a newspaper said Royal had postponed a U.S. trip planned for this month because Clinton did not want to see her.

Socialist regional leader Royal, 53, a relative political newcomer with little foreign policy experience, has made little secret of the fact she would like to meet Clinton to bolster her international credentials.

But after gaffes by Royal on a trip to the Middle East, the Democratic Senator from New York, who is believed to be eyeing a White House bid in 2008, was less than enthusiastic about being seen together with the French candidate, Le Parisien daily said at the weekend, quoting a Clinton adviser.......

and buried at the bottom the Reuters reporter reveals Royal's gaffe

On her recent Middle East visit, Royal waited a day before condemning comments made in front of her by Hezbollah politician Ali Ammar who described past Israeli occupations of the country as Nazism. She said she had not heard his words.

She was also forced to clarify her position after she seemed to agree with Ammar's assessment of U.S. foreign policy as "unlimited insanity".

I'm sure Mrs. Royal is confused as Hilary Rotten Clinton has famous for constant make out sessions with the wife of terrorist Yassir Arafat, but this is an election year honey! There's no time for romance just now.

Besides, American socialists save their diatribes against their own country for their overseas trips.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Claus: More Roman Catholic stuff


St. Nicholas by Susan Seals
Used by permission
The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

Elisabeth Jvanovsky illustration
Illus. by Elisabeth Jvanovsky from Saint Nicholas by Henri Gheon, Sheed and Ward, 1936

Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruthlessly persecuted Christians, Bishop Nicholas suffered for his faith, was exiled and imprisoned. The prisons were so full of bishops, priests, and deacons, there was no room for the real criminals—murderers, thieves and robbers. After his release, Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in AD 325. He died December 6, AD 343 in Myra and was buried in his cathedral church, where a unique relic, called manna, formed in his grave. This liquid substance, said to have healing powers, fostered the growth of devotion to Nicholas. The anniversary of his death became a day of celebration, St. Nicholas Day.

Through the centuries many stories and legends have been told of St. Nicholas' life and deeds. These accounts help us understand his extraordinary character and why he is so beloved and revered as protector and helper of those in need. more.

The need for this post stems from a fun conversation at work. It was posited by someone that "Nicholas was a German guy who gave away presents in Germany, somewhere." Not quite, young man but being misinformed about the Roman Catholic origin of just about everything is easy to do.

In a way, a discerning Protestant or pagan should banish the though of teaching their children about a very good Roman Catholic Bishop..... maybe they need to come up with their own guy for the "Holidays", maybe Kwanzaa Claus modeled somewhat on Jesse Jackson and Malcolm X.

The non-believers need a new word, also, as holiday comes from "Holy Day." So when they go around insisting in their pedantic way to have a "Happy Holy Day", they scarcely know what they are saying. I'm happy to have one though

On the Roman Catholic Origin of Just About Everything

Read it (and weep if you are a Protestant, athiest, Jew, pagan or anything else.)

From an AMAZON reviwer:

In two hundred pages, Foley (who teaches at Baylor University) covers the Catholic origins of everyday objects, words, practices, and institutions in our life, in entertainment, manners, food, music, sports, flowers, science, technology, law, and language. The title of the book is slightly misleading, since the purpose is not to explain Catholic practices but rather to show how we all practice Catholicism without really knowing it.

Remember the invisible ink you used when you were a kid? You would write and not see it until you held it up to the light or covered it with a special liquid. This book is that light, that liquid, that brings into sharp relief what was there and yet could not see. These are the ghosts that surround us on all sides, and they are here to stay and dwell among us so long as we are civilized.

And they are here to stay and dwell among us so long as we are civilized, indeed.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two Seemingly Unconnected Stories, When Combined Form a Thread

Here's, the thread: Israel sucked us into a proxy war with Iraq at the instigation of Jewish moles in the government and at the helm of the Neo-Conservative movement in America. I always discounted this as a crack-pot idea and as rank anti-Semitism. But here's two stories, taken together what do they mean?

Democrats negotiate with Hamas (Hamas is terrorist organization bent on the complete elimination of Israel). From the Jerusalem Post via Drudge:

Hamas officials have managed to smuggle more than $66 million in cash through the Rafah border crossing in the past eight months, a member of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, sources close to the PA government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, James Baker seeks to block Israel from a regional summit. from via Drudge Report:

The White House has been examining a proposal by James Baker to launch a Middle East peace effort without Israel.

The peace effort would begin with a U.S.-organized conference, dubbed Madrid-2, and contain such U.S. adversaries as Iran and Syria. Officials said Madrid-2 would be promoted as a forum to discuss Iraq's future, but actually focus on Arab demands for Israel to withdraw from territories captured in the 1967 war. They said Israel would not be invited to the conference.

Summary .... Israel your goose is cooked, you're on your own. Is Drudge a Jew? Is he fear mongering? I attended a great conferences two years ago sponsored by the St Benedict Center, Richmond, NH. At the conference, a speaker named Robert Hickson was warning that we were "getting sucked into a paradigm." He was insinuating that we were getting sucked into this mess in Iraq by Israel and their proxies that permete Washington D.C. power-base. Maybe Hickson was right and maybe this is the end of all that.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Theological Proposition

A friend asks this theological question:
Who should one love more, one's spouse or one's children?
I think there needs some clarifying pre-considerations here.

#1 English is really lacking in the area. Love is a kinda catch all phrase which lumps together eros, agape. Greek has three kinds of love: eros, agape and philia. Eros is erotic love, "an overpowering of reason by a 'divine madness.' " Philia means love of friendship and it is used in the New Testament to describe Jesus' relationship to his disciples.

In fact, Pope Benedict addresses this in the very beginning of his first encyclical Deus Caritas Est.

we speak of love of country, love of one's profession, love between friends, love of work, love between parents and children, love between family members, love of neighbour and love of God. Amid this multiplicity of meanings, however, one in particular stands out: love between man and woman, where body and soul are inseparably joined and human beings glimpse an apparently irresistible promise of happiness. This would seem to be the very epitome of love; all other kinds of love immediately seem to fade in comparison.
So, I think the Pope nailed it: the love of a man and a woman bound together in holy matrimony outstrips even the love between parent and child. This love has a higher spot in the hierarchy of loves one may have. The love of God needs to be even higher that of love of one's spouse. I guess that's why He made it numero uno.

What I'm Reading

The Incredible Catholic Mass by Fr. Martin Von Cochem circa 1720. From the TAN website:
An absolute revelation to most Catholics! Based on the Traditional Latin Mass, but actually about the essence of the Mass itself. Shows it is not just a prayer, but a powerful sacrifice given to us by Almighty God to fulfill all our spiritual needs. You will divide your life into "before" and "after" you read this book. Going to Mass will never be the same again, once you appreciate the significance of every Mass (as explained by this book). Every Catholic needs to read this! Imprimatur.
I hope to make this a regular feature and maybe someday I'll have my own Amazon sidebar but until then I suggest readers visit TAN books. Don't underestimate the $1.50 pamphlets, they're actually more my speed as this 300 page monster will probably take me four months to read (for the second time.).

May you be mocked by eunuchs, O thou breaker of the commandments!

Dean Soto, the Catholic mecca of humor and popular music, has a post linking to something called THE BIBLICAL CURSE GENERATOR.

This can come in handy during long-winded arguments with protestants, pagans and other assorted heretics.

Check it out.

Pope Meets Evil Islamic Oppressor of Christians

From the Associated Press:

Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer and Pope Benedict XVI pose for cameras upon the pontiff's arrival at the Cankaya Palace in Ankara, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006. The pontiff said Tuesday that his visit to Turkey is aimed at promoting the dialogue and bridging differences, speaking minutes before departing for his first trip as pontiff to a predominantly Muslim country.(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

What's with the Santa outfit? you might ask. Well, the Pope is wearing the traditional dress of Catholic Bishops (especially in colder climates.) The Pope is the Bishop of Rome. So the real question is: Why is Santa Claus dressed like a Roman Catholic Bishop? (more on this later.)

ArchDruid Rowan Williams (aka Hairy Liberal) Pretends to Perform a Mass in a Catholic Church

ArchDruid Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Church (really just a heretic layman), puts on some fancy clothes and was allowed to put on an act in a Roman Catholic in Italy. All I can say is this: time to truck in some holy salt and holy oil and give that place a good scrub down. What a charming looking fellow. Read more of the gory details here.

Photos courtesy of Daniele Colarieti from

Monday, November 27, 2006

You Choose, You Lose

Long the fantasy of misanthropic environmentalists, the spectre of the declining birthrate is a reality in Europa. Progressive toadies should celebrate not, however, there always people more than willing to take the place of those reluctant to parent. The catch is this: your replacements will not come from your culture, nor will they necessarily revivify the ocean in which you swim. If you're lucky Christians will pick up the slack, otherwise, your replacements may represent a kind of toxic spill and you'll be going belly up sooner than expected.

When progressives decry overpopulation, it's always the hidden premise that they personally expect to live long.

From the Washington Times:

Muslim birthrate worries Russia

MOSCOW -- Low domestic birthrates and rising immigration from the former Soviet republics are producing explosive growth in Russia's Muslim community, which is on a track to account for more than half the population by midcentury.

"Russia is going through a religious transformation that will be of even greater consequence for the international community than the collapse of the Soviet Union," said Paul Goble, a specialist on Islam in Russia and research associate at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

Two decades ago, the Sobornaya Mosque was the only Islamic house of worship allowed in the Soviet Union. It stood largely empty, filling only with the occasional large foreign delegation from an Islamic country.

Today, it is one of four mosques in Moscow serving a Muslim population of about 2.5 million. On Fridays and holy days, it overflows with worshippers, leaving many to kneel on newspapers outside, their foreheads pressed against the concrete.

As in many countries with growing Islamic populations, tensions are also on the rise. Many ethnic Russians fear their country is losing its traditional identity, while many Muslims are offended by widespread discrimination and a lack of respect for their faith.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Good Pope Joke at Massachusetts' Expense from Orthometer

Check out this site from a Fr. Richsteig from Maryland.

He offers this joke:

The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the mountains of Alaska for some sight-seeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope Mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods. A helpless Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a "Save the Whales" hat, and a "To Hell with Bush" T-shirt, was screaming while struggling frantically, thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp of a 10-foot grizzly. As the Pope watched horrified, a group of Republican loggers came racing up. One quickly fired a .44-magnum into the bear's chest. The other two reached up and pulled the bleeding, semiconscious Democrat from the bear's grasp. Then using long clubs, the three loggers finished off the bear and two of them threw it onto the bed of their truck while the other tenderly placed the injured Democrat in the back seat. As they prepared to leave, the Pope summoned them to come over. "I give you my blessing for your brave actions," he told them. "I heard there was a bitter hatred between Republican loggers and Democratic Environmental activists but now I've seen with my own eyes that this is not true."
As the Pope drove off, one of the loggers asked his buddies "Who was that guy?"
"It was the Pope," another replied. "He's in direct contact with heaven and has access to all wisdom."
"Well," the logger said, "he may have access to all wisdom but he sure as Hell doesn't know anything about bear hunting! By the way, is the bait holding up, or do we need to go back to Massachusetts and grab another one?"

How Will I Be Defined in the Dictionary

Thomas Shawn --


Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Orthodox Rabbi Blasts American Bishops

In a blow to ecumenical relations with real Jews (the Orthodox ones) the USSCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) has recently offered a bit of doublespeak on the issue of homosexuality. A good Rabbi calls them out on it:

URGENT MEMO TO: President and Members of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

RE: Guidelines on Homosexual Issues

Please forgive me for interjecting myself into the internal affairs of the Catholic Church, but the vote you will take today will have a direct impact on the work of many dedicated Catholics, Jews, and Moslems, who are fighting the immoral plague of homosexuality that is sweeping the Western world today.

A statement by the Catholic Conference that homosexuality is genetic and cannot be cured is an exact duplicate of the tragic 1973 policy change by the American Psychological Association that homosexuality is not abnormal. This policy statement legitimized homosexuality, and set the stage for the homosexual revolution that we are experiencing today. The vote was not based on facts. It was rammed through by homosexual activists at the meeting, who intimidated the delegates.

I am just returning from Jerusalem, where I represented over 1,000 Rabbis in a coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims have—for the first time—defeated an effort by homosexual activists to organize a WorldPride parade through the Holy City. The Vatican sent us a special letter of support that greatly aided our efforts.

The homosexual radicals are engaged in a war for the soul of America.

You are voting in the context of this war that is taking place all around you.

If you signal, by your vote, that you accept the basic assumptions that underlie the homosexual propaganda machine—that homosexuality is a “no fault” condition, and that it cannot be cured, then you will have given the green light to the homosexual militants, and provided them with the weapons they need to impose gay marriage and the whole homosexual agenda on the American people.

This would be a stab in the back against all those good family-values people—Catholics, Jews, and Moslems—who seek to protect our society—especially innocent children—from the depredations of aggressive homosexual radicals.

With great humility,

Rabbi Yehuda Levin
Special Emissary to Israel for
The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada and
The Rabbinical Alliance of America
Looks like he has a point. If Jesus warns us: But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:28)." How can the USCCB suggest that unnatural feelings are not sinful in and of themselves? Jesus sets a high bar while the USCCB wallows like pigs in a sty of relativism.

There's a war alright, in America and within the ranks of the USCCB.

Arsenal 1 - Bolton Wanderers 3

Due to the vagaries of sports programming, Setanta Sports decided not air this week's Gunners match verses the upstart Bolton Wanderers.

Given last week's tie against lowly Newcastle I had this insight: At this point any team in the English Premiereship can get a point off of Arsenal. The Gunners have the aura of a powerhouse but they are a bit of a paper tiger (this year.)

True to form, Bolton apparently manhandled Arsenal.

from the International Herald Tribune by Rob Hughes

At home and abroad, the French are back at the heart of what makes soccer a bewilderingly brutal as well as a beautiful sport.

Less than 72 hours after a policeman shot a Paris Saint-Germain supporter to death on the streets of the capital after the team lost a UEFA Cup match at home against Hapoel Tel Aviv, nothing seemed to be stopping soccer.

Despite the tensions, despite inflamed feelings fueled by racism, nothing stopped PSG from traveling to play a league match in Nantes on Sunday. The security nightmare simply moved some 400 kilometers, or 250 miles, west.

Before then, however, French players and coaches were involved in games on foreign fields. Not least among those was an intriguing duel in Bolton, an English industrial town close to Manchester. The most breathtaking goal of England's season so far was scored Saturday by Nicolas Anelka, an errant son of a Paris suburb. A former PSG player, a protégé taken at 17 to London by Arsenal's manager, Arsène Wenger, Anelka scored twice Saturday for Bolton Wanderers against his former mentor.

Read more here.

The Mitt Romney Deception

This man CANNOT be our candidate for the presidency. His record is far worse than the propagandistic articles that have appeared in NR [National Review] and other publications.

Brian Camenker

Tuesday 21 November 2006, by The Senior Editor

Despite recent statements across the country by Governor Mitt Romney claiming he’s pro-life, pro-family and a committed conservative, a broad investigation of his actual statements, actions, and public positions over the years indicates that he has spent his entire career speaking and governing as a liberal – and that his new found conversion to conservatism very likely coincides with his candidacy for the presidency. read more here.
Its with interest that this enigmatic individual trots around the country, remaking and polishing himself. Massachusetts offers up another one of its sons as Commander in Chief Potentate. Garnishing the long line of Massachusetts luminaries ... Kerry, Dukakis, T. Kennedy, J. Kennedy.

How will the Bay State (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Queer Nation) pan out in Peoria? Will Mitt be welcomed as the weary warrior aginst the Sodomite putsch by a nation quite naturally repulsed by unnatural marriages? Or is the Mormon going to hatch polygamy?

The article warns the nation of Romney, a Trojan Horse pushed onto America by Log Cabin Republicans.

Again, Running Afoul of the Russian Mob Gets You in Trouble

Britain's spy mystery: A slow death by poison

Sarah Lyall / The New York Times November 26, 2006

LONDON: In the new James Bond movie, "Casino Royale," Agent 007 gives a master class in what to do if you are unexpectedly poisoned by your enemies in a public place (for one thing, when you stagger dramatically from the room, make sure to do it in a suave manner).

But while the fictional Bond has an array of useful resources at his disposal - a car filled with potential antidotes that serves as a mobile emergency room; a hotline to trained poison-control experts at MI6 headquarters; and a personal defibrillator that comes in handy during heart attacks - the ordinary real-life poison victim has no such advantages.

Nor is the sequence of events surrounding nonfictional poisoning generally as clear-cut as when Bond, played by Daniel Craig, falls deathly ill within moments of taking the first sip of his spiked martini.

In the case of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy who died in a London hospital on Thursday night, the most confounding questions were also the most basic. Who gave it to him and when? And how did they get this particular poison? more here, here and here.

I've been on the fence about Russia the last few years. During my teen years and undergraduate days I had been an avid Russo-file, taking two years of the language in college. I had visions of a Christian revival in the now desolate land and it was interest that a newer interst in my faith lead, again, to Russia with details of the Fatima prophesy and other goings on.

What to make of Putin? Yeah, he was KGB, but he also claimed to be a Christian and had a story of own to tell. What to make of the Russian Orthodox? Yeah, they had been infiltrated by the KGB but my own church had been infiltrated by homosexuals (a far worse fate.) The late Pope John Paul II had eloquently decribed this church as "our other lung", living, breathing, nourishing the Body of Christ. (This analogy can be extended by describing the Protestant church as a bowel movement.)

Now the odious details are starting to eminante from the Russian soil, its time of purgation seems to be just getting underway.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

God is Gonna Cut You Down

I'm starting to discover Johnny Cash, he had become a real hit among young people just prior to his death. I remember a clip of Justin Timberlake receiving an a MTV video award saying this was all a "rip off" because Johnny Cash deserved it for his Nine Inch Nails cover.

Running Afoul of the Russian Mob Gets You in Trouble

Messing with property paid for with Russian mob money will always have serious negative consequences. From the BBC

Reading duo receive death threats
Reading's Ibrahima Sonko and Stephen Hunt
Sonko (left) and Hunt are the subject of death threats
Police are investigating death threats made to the Reading players involved in incidents in which Chelsky keepers Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini were injured.

Ibrahima Sonko and Stephen Hunt have received a series of letters at the club's Arborfield training ground.

Thames Valley Police told BBC Sport: "The club is helping us with inquiries and the matter is being investigated."

A Chelsea spokesman added: "There is nothing to suggest these threats came from genuine Chelsea fans."

The club is dealing with all my letters and I don't want to say any more
Reading winger Stephen Hunt

According to the Reading Chronicle newspaper, one letter said: "We are going to kill you for what you did to our players."

Reading players treated the first letter as a joke and pinned it up on the door of the training ground dressing-room.

But when subsequent letters arrived, players were told to treat the threats seriously and the club called in the police to investigate.

Cech is not expected to play again this season after sustaining a fractured skull in a first-minute collision with Hunt in the game at the Madejski stadium on 14 October.

Cudicini needed oxygen after being stretchered off in a last-minute collision with Sonko, and only recently returned to action.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hit out at Hunt's challenge, but neither Hunt nor Sonko faced any sanction from the Football Association.

Winger Hunt, on international duty with the Republic of Ireland, said: "The club is dealing with all my letters and I don't want to say any more."

Sonko confirmed he had received a letter but made no further comment.

Chelsea's spokesman said the club had not been contacted by the police regarding the matter and added: "Naturally, we condemn any threats of this nature and we will assist the police fully if - and we stress if - there is any evidence linking these threats to any of our supporters.

Reading boss Steve Coppell played down the death threats.

"We wanted to keep it quiet, and didn't make an issue of it. We went through the proper channels and hoped it would die a death. To regurgitate it now is of no benefit to anybody.

"I don't think it's for public consumption. It's something different for the media to report but it serves no purpose to anybody else."

Friday, November 17, 2006

Face It Hippies, Everything Old is New Again

(hint, hint) The black and white pictures are old while the color pictures are new.

It Ain't What You Do, It's Way That You Do It, That's What Gets Results

Vocations crisis? What vocations crisis? You mean the deliberate prevention of men from signing up to be Roman Catholic priesthood by many American diocese by Bishops intent on destroying the Church from within? Have your speakers turned on for this one.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Catholic bishops tell gays to remain celibate

No News Here, Just the Same Ole Stuff for 2000 Years

By Andy Sullivan

BALTIMORE (Reuters) - U.S. Catholic bishops said on Tuesday that gay men and women should be welcomed in the church but that those who engage in homosexual activity should not receive Communion.

Guidelines adopted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops encouraged gays and lesbians to participate in the church, while reaffirming long-standing church doctrine that same-sex activity, as with any extramarital sex, is inherently sinful.

"Because homosexual acts cannot fulfill the natural end of human sexuality they are never morally acceptable," said Bishop Arthur Serratelli, who headed the committee that crafted the guidelines. "Such act furthermore do not lead to true human happiness."

The church has publicly wrestled with sex in recent years amid a widespread pedophile priest scandal and the national debate on gay marriage. The pedofiles were disproportionately homosexual. Is this a surprise?

The new guidelines acknowledge that gays and lesbians do not choose their sexual orientation and say that homosexual "inclinations" are not in themselves sinful. Somewhat misleading, as many do choose this lifestyle or are lied into it. This language was probably inserted by homosexual Bishops.

But those who feel such inclinations should remain celibate and should not tell anybody other than close friends and family about them, the document says.

The guidelines oppose same-sex marriages and civil unions and adoption by gay couples, though they say children of gay couples can be baptized. Those who are openly gay should not serve as priests or nuns, the guidelines say. According to the Pope the closeted ones are supposed to take a hike. Don't worry gaylords, we'll find you out.

The head of a group of gay Catholics said the new policy would only drive gays and lesbians further from the church. May I suggest the nearest Episcopal Church?

Email from Arsene

I got an email from the Arsenal coach regarding the team's recent travails and about his dust up with Allen Pardew from West Ham United.

Finally, I want to talk about last week's incident at West Ham. I reacted and I regret that because you should never react, but I accept Alan Pardew's apology and life goes on.

I have not spoken to Alan Pardew or anyone else about the matter since it happened and I will not especially demand a hearing from the FA because, for me, the incident is over.

Thanks for your support.

-Arsene Wenger

This was Arsene's first email or statement since the incident and it kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Nobody seems to have complete video of it but I guess Pardew's celebration was a little "in your face." The video is here.

Pardew followed up this weekend with a loss to Middlesborough, while Arsene's Arsenal smashed Liverpool.

On Suicide

Perhpas it was a coincidence, perhaps my co-workers read my blog or perhaps it was the dismal weather in this happy little corner of the planet but coworkers were anxious today to hear my take on the "Christian view of suicide."

Well, I have no take, I only have the teaching of the sole legitimate deposit of Christian Faith, that is, the Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church. That leaves all commentary, interpretation, sentiment out of it. Having a church that definitively teach something and teach it consistently for 2000 years leaves me free to do more important things than develop my own stylized moral theology or practical ethics.

Entry # 2325 in the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church states:
Suicide is seriously contrary to justice, hope, and charity. It is forbidden by the fifth commandment.
Q: what is the 5th Commandment?
A: Entry #366 in the older Baltimore Catechism: The fifth Commandment is: Thou shalt not kill.
Q. What is forbidden by the fifth Commandment?

A. Entry #368 The fifth Commandment forbids all willful murder, fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, and bad example.
I always sorta boil this down to simple terms. The bottom line is that nobody is put on earth to be particularly happy. If one is disastisfied with one's lot in life: Tough Crap. Personal misery was no justification for suicide.

In Christian terms, one can join one's suffering to those of Christ. You can get to know Him better that way. That's what I do. Then, as I contemplate getting nailed to a cross, my petty concerns vanish. The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are particularly good for this.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh Canada: Our Suicidal Northern Neighbor

The proportion of Canadian 65 or over will go from 13% today to 25% by 2040

By Joseph A. D’Agostino, Vice President for Communications, Population Research Institute

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, November 10, 2006 ( – Liberals, of the sort who just won control of Congress, like to say that the United States should become more like Canada. So let’s take a quick look at our highly respected northern neighbor from a demographic perspective. Experts are always analyzing all sorts of trends to judge a country’s health, yet demographics are often ignored. But how many factors affect a society long-term more than birthrates, aging, and the like?

Canada has many good qualities, such as a low violent crime rate, lots of open space, and excellent maple syrup. She has some unfortunate ones as well, such as a socialist health care system that forces citizens to wait years for major medical procedures finished within weeks in the United States, not to mention a tendency to blame America for the world’s problems. Yet at the rate she’s going, Canada’s qualities soon won’t matter one way or another, because the liberals’ second-favorite nation (France being most beloved) is committing suicide.

The United States’ birthrate is 2.0, slightly below replacement level, which is enough to cause massive aging and financial problems such as the bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare. Canada’s birthrate is a fatal 25% less, at 1.5. Canadians are fading out. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government is considering small measures to increase Canada’s birthrate, measures that are almost certain to be too little, too late. <snip>

This is an opportunity for Canadian Roman Catholics. Take the ultimate form of revenge against the socialists turned athiests: have babies.

This was weekend saw Veterans Day, or Remebrance Day in the U.K. and her Commonwealth. It must be noted that Canada suffered disporportionally high causaulties during World War II. I fear her genetic stock has been depleted and only limp wristed weanies have been left behind.

He's Back and He's a Roman Catholic

Hat tip to Geralad Augustinus over at Cafeteria is Closed for this one.

Daniel Ortega, former Sandinista commandante, Cold War warrior from the losing side, darling of the New York Times and fashion model for designer eyewear from the 1980s was elected President of Nicaragua.

DANIEL ORTEGA of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN) was elected President of Nicaragua this week, after 16 years in opposition. With more than 90 per cent of the votes counted by the night of 7 November, his main opponent, conservative businessman Eduardo Montealegre, conceded defeat by the former left-wing revolutionary, who has become a fervent Catholic.

Ortega, 61, who was at daggers drawn with the Church hierarchy when he was president in the 1980s - he accused them of being hand-in-glove with the CIA - will now be called upon to demonstrate that he really has undergone a Damascene conversion from fiery radical to purveyor of peace, love and reconciliation between erstwhile enemies. He will be well aware that, with just 38 per cent of the votes, far more people voted against him than for him, and he spoke this week of promoting a "new political culture" of constructive cooperation between people of differing views.

Ortega has long won over Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, the elder statesman of the Nicaraguan Church, who hailed Ortega as the only politician who could heal the wounds of the past and reunite the country. The cardinal performed a marriage ceremony for him and his long-term partner, Rosario Murillo, in Managua Cathedral last year.

Daniel can engineer some social justice working to impose the social reign of Christ the King. The Church has always had a "preferential treatment for the poor" clause to her social teaching. You see, Daniel, if you want to help the poor, then Christ is there. He's so much more efficatious then syphillitic 19th Century athiests from Germany.

The piece de resistance is something that I have to admit passed right through my radar screen and something which deserves a posting in its own right: Nicaragua has criminalised all abortions.

After 20 odd years of its daliance with athiestic socialism and then 20 more of corporate capitalism with the usual U.N. social engineering I suspect it was beginning to dawn on the Nicaraguans: Our economy is still in a shambles, our populace has either fled to the United States or has been mudered in the womb.

Three things to note:

#1 The deceit of the Tablet Journalist who improperly interprets the ArchBishop of Managua's neutrality in the election as opposition. Tisk, tisk. I suspect all the candidates were Roman Catholics (well, practicing ones.)

#2 Losing the endorsement of former Sandinista, long time communist and purveyor of heretical liberation theology, Fr. Ernesto Cardenal, is hardly a chink in one's Roman Catholic armour.

#3 If Sandinista Daniel Ortega comes back as a Roman Catholic does that mean the surving members of the Clash are going to issue an album of Gregorian Chant?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not Your Father's Democrat

It was during election night watching mostly Fox news and during the next next while watching MSNBC's Hardball that I came to realise something. These Democrats, recently elected, are not exactly your father's Democrats.

Piece of Evidence #1: The Senator who defeated Rick Santorum in PA is pro-life (definition: that's anti-abortion, not light sentencing for homicidal criminals.)

Piece of Evidence #2: I offer only the picture of the man. This is the new Democrat from Montana. I went slack jaw-ed when he sat there plainly on Hardball and explained that he was out to balance the budget the way all families do at their kitchen table. Chris Mathews got in a great zinger at the point. He said, "You know, your party isn't exactly famous for cutting spending." Tester just sorta bristled. From Jon's website: he supports gun rights and opposes illegal aliens. Wait till he goes face to face with Fat Teddy. Either way, Massachsuetts socialists should temper their enthusiasm.

Piece of Evidence #3: The aftermath Virginia Senate race from PowerlineBlog which cites NRO's Corner:

But for the fact that he gives the Democrats a majority, I'd almost be pleased to have Jim Webb in the Senate. Not because I think he'll be a particularly good Senator but because he's likely to be quite an interesting one. Plus, there's a good chance he'll be a huge pain-in-the-neck for the Democratic leadership. Consider this report of his victory speech:

He started off by mentioning that "tomorrow is an extremely important day for America," and the crowd went wild, thinking he was talking about taking power. But of course, he launched into his praise of the Marine Corps, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly. Then he thanked all the brave veterans and brave men still fighting, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly again. Then he mentioned that he received a call from Sen. Allen, and the crowd went nuts again. Then he mentioned how pleasant and dignified Allen was, and the crowd grew quiet. Then he said he was having lunch next week with Allen — and the crowd was dead silent. Finally he told the audience that they should all thank Sen./Gov. Allen for his many years of dedicated service to the people of Virginia — and you could almost hear the people gathered looking at each other asking, "What the $#@! did we just do?" It was priceless.
Piece of Evidence #4: The chief engineer of all this was not Gov. Howard Dean but Rep Rahm Emmanuel, a young and up and commer. Yep, that's the same Rahm Emmanuel who served in the Israeli Army during the first gulf war. Make of that what you will. To say he is pro-war would be an understatement. The other engineer with Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-NY), also Jewish.

Piece of Evidence #5: This is somewhat cryptic and I had no idea what it all meant at the time but Fox News was frantically reporting that Christian charismatic conservatives were voting for Democrats all over the place. What was their beef? Corruption. Note also the pro-Israel leanings of all evangelicals.

Piece of Evidence #6: Rush Limbaugh is going around saying that "the Conservatives won and the Republicans lost." Huh ??????

I had speculated over in Cafetria is Closed that, for Christian conservatives, the thing to do is to take over a party, expel the pro-aborts, name abortion as a non-negotiable, make provisons for Jews, and recruit Afro-American and Latino candidates and essentially form an American version of Andrea Merkel's (PM of Germany and daughter of a Protestant Minister) Christian Democrat party.

I figured it was easier to take over the Republicans, but now it looks like there really could be a Christian Democrat Party in America.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Arsenal 0 - West Ham United 1

This was a real shocker if you only looked at the result but if you watched the match you'd have noticed an inneffective Arsenal which has been on displat more than once this season. The twist was that at the end of the match the Arsenal coach, Arsene Wengar, threw a temper tantrum. It all really disgusted me as I had picked Arsenal early this season as one of my faves.

All season long, I've seen Arsenal destroy teams and the losing coaches always acted with great class, give the ceremonial hand shake at the end and usually complemented Arsenal at the end. What you'll see in the YouTube video is the look of Arsenal's Premiership Championship going up in smoke.

Arsene better hope that other teams don't study this video. In another shocker, Tottenham Hotspur smacked Chelski upside the head. I haven't seen that one yet as it is on my DVR still but seeing the Russian Mob get beat will be priceless.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taking Back Holy Halloween and Suppressing Heretic Harvest Time

reading this fine little article by Katherine Andes over at caught my eye: it opens ....

"Kathy, why don’t you and the kids come to our church’s Harvest Festival?" asked my Evangelical friend. "There will be a bon fire, hay rides and candy for the kids." It sounded great, and, since my husband had recently died, I didn’t relish trick or treating by myself with my little ones.

"Do the kids wear costumes?" I inquired.

"No, we definitely discourage that," she said.
I remember sitting in church in my old parish a few years ago and the priest started talking about Harvest Time. Now my dim Roman Catholic bulb was just gaining wattage at that time. I was slowly learning how the calender had been destroyed in the 1960s and how the entire calendar, the entire year, had always been (and still is) magnificently arranged by the Church.

“What the hell is Harvest Time?”, I asked my self. Well the above mentioned article revels its origens ... it’s a Protestant thing. And now it all falls into place especially in light of the ongoings at my former parish. That place marched to the Protestant drumbeat (and threw in a little support for homosexual marriage, to boot.)

Besides, I grew up in a hard scrabble housing project near Boston, Harvest Time will never, ever make any sense to me.

FC Rangers Face a Fine, Psycho Terrorist Interupts Match

Usually when some malady befalls FC Rangers (Glasgow, Scotland's Protestant team) my heart warms but this one is a little disturbing. From Soccerway:

Written by: Dave Cohen
GLASGOW, Nov 3 (SW) – A political protest by a spectator who invaded the pitch during the Rangers versus Maccabi Haifa UEFA Cup match last night may result in a fine for the club.

A twenty one year old spectator, whose identity is still being withheld by police, ran across the pitch wearing a T-Shirt on which was a picture of the Pope and a Palestinian flag as a cape. He then attempted to handcuff himself to the goalpost.

The match was stopped while the police arrested him.

He was apparently protesting against the visit of the Israeli side to Ibrox.

Rangers could face a fine for the incident. The matter has been reported to UEFA whose disciplinary committee will met on the 7th of December.

Rangers won the fixture 2 – 0.

What disturbs me is the idea that a Christian, and apparent Roman Catholic, could apparently support those inbred terrorists from Palestine. I wonder which Pope was on the t-shirt? There’s been quite a number of them. Certainly not, Pious the XII (image at right) who received Israel’s highest honor from Golda Meir for his valiant efforts saving Jews during WWII?

Haggard vs. Dawkins

Without rehashing the whole Ted Haggard thing ... this is an interesting clip. This clip from Youtube pitts Evangelical Minister Ted Haggard verses pre-eminent atheist and apparent scientist Richard Dawkins in a quick debate about evolution.

Rather than treat his host with courtesy Dawkins immediately denounces Haggard as a Nazi. Haggard maintains his composure and proceeds to slice Haggard nine times sideways. Haggard is visibly rattled (notice the body language and the hard swallowing.) Obviously Rev. Haggard is a skilled debater and Dawkins is not (the merits of their arguments notwithstanding.)

At the end, Haggard apparently was rattled, too, as he kicked Dawkins off his property (not shown on film).

I hope to show more of these Dawkins clips, as he seems to be trying to make a movie proposing atheism as “adult” and religious faith as “childish.”

Also, something even more fascinating, as I have encountered this in the workplace no less, is Dawkins’ recitation of his own religious dogma.
“The world is complex full of subtleties, shades...not black and white...not with childish certainties.”
I literally heard this one word for word before. Amazing! What religion is this? They teach their adherents well.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Was Wrong(ed)

Had a fruitful conversation with a fellow Catholic co-worker today. This co-worker asked if I had my kiddies out Trick or Treating. I kinda played low-key and just described how we had a subdued night handing out candy and the kids enjoyed that but, to be frank, I really don't do Halloween.

When you blurt out that you don't do Halloween, everybody knows what you are talking about. (I had previously blurted it out in a conference room full of people, they got the message.) There have been allegations that the origins of Halloween lie in satanic or pagan practices. Come to find out, this is what the Protestants think. This is consistent what their thought about the whole the Roman Catholic Church. Conversely, I used to think Halloween was some sort of British-Protestant mockery of All Souls Day.

My Catholic co-worker protested that Halloween was wholly Catholic in origin. She cited cited the teaching of her priest that weekend and made references to mutual friends of ours, rabid Calvinsts, who have put the all-out ban on Halloween.

I have to admit that I just quickly looked up Haloween three days prior by going to WIKIPEDIA. That was my first mistake. That web sites paints Haloween as wholly pagan in origin and I suspect, now, that the entry was written by a pagan. In a funny way, most Protestants probably voted in favor of this WIKIPEDIA entry as is. (WIKIPEDIA is an online encyclopedia where the entries get edited and voted on by users.)

The Catholic Enyclopedia at paints a wholly different picture.

Solemnity celebrated on the first of November. It is instituted to honour all the saints, known and unknown, and, according to Urban IV, to supply any deficiencies in the faithful's celebration of saints' feasts during the year.

In the early days the Christians were accustomed to solemnize the anniversary of a martyr's death for Christ at the place of martyrdom. In the fourth century, neighbouring dioceses began to interchange feasts, to transfer relics, to divide them, and to join in a common feast; as is shown by the invitation of St. Basil of Caesarea (397) to the bishops of the province of Pontus. Frequently groups of martyrs suffered on the same day, which naturally led to a joint commemoration. In the persecution of Diocletian the number of martyrs became so great that a separate day could not be assigned to each. But the Church, feeling that every martyr should be venerated, appointed a common day for all. The first trace of this we find in Antioch on the Sunday after Pentecost. We also find mention of a common day in a sermon of St. Ephrem the Syrian (373), and in the 74th homily of St. John Chrysostom (407). At first only martyrs and St. John the Baptist were honoured by a special day. Other saints were added gradually, and increased in number when a regular process of canonization was established; still, as early as 411 there is in the Chaldean Calendar a "Commemoratio Confessorum" for the Friday after Easter. In the West Boniface IV, 13 May, 609, or 610, consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs, ordering an anniversary. Gregory III (731-741) consecrated a chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all the saints and fixed the anniversary for 1 November. A basilica of the Apostles already existed in Rome, and its dedication was annually remembered on 1 May. Gregory IV (827-844) extended the celebration on 1 November to the entire Church. The vigil seems to have been held as early as the feast itself. The octave was added by Sixtus IV (1471-84)

I even checked a far-out sedevacantist website and they were in agreement. Halloween: It's a Roman Catholic thing. Not the blood and gore, that's the Satanists, pagans and protestants on furtive nights out. But the whole candy, trick or treat, festive atmosphere. It's a fun night for kids, the night before a Solemn Holy Day: November 1st All Saints Day.

I was wrong and WIKIPEDIA wronged me.

some Tridentine Mass Action

Someone has finally posted what was previously unavailable. This is a Mass from SSPX Séminaire du St. Curé d'Ars in Flavigny France.

Click in and just soak it in for 9 minutes. If you ever chance to go see a Tridentine I suggest you leave the flip flops at home (this is jab aimed strictly at Roman Catholics as no athiest or heretic Protestant would dare go into a church the way most Roman Catholics do nowadays.)

Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm A Convert, Actually a Revert

Last year I watched approximately 75 Boston Bruins ice hockey games on television and I was a confirmed ice hockey addict. I had no money to play or to actually see a real game but, by gum, I was a confirmed addict.

Since this summer, if you haven't noticed, I'm a total futbol head.

I happened to turn to a Bruins game real quick and I just couldn't bear to watch it. There was no room to create anything, too many commercials, too many stoppages in play. This marriage to ice hockey is ended.

Part of all this is related to my kids and part is related to me. I'm too banged up to play ice hockey anymore, but I'm taking a crack at futbol next year. I enquired about starter hockey for my boys: $300 a pop. Futbol: $60. End of debate.

Then it dawned on me that I was a futbol fan first. I remeber on PBS a show called "Soccer Made in Germany" on Saturdays. It featured all these futbol matches from England and Germany. This was the 1970s when futbol was weird, new and kinda hip in the USA. It still is weird, new and hip. So that makes me a revert, not a convert.

Arsenal 0 - CSKA Moscow 1

In some Champions League action my beloved Arsenal lost and not without some controversy. basically, Thierry Henry (pictured at left) scored but the goal was rescinded and Henry was given a yellow card for "handball."

Now referees occaisionally get things wrong but this was flagrantly wrong. Immediately I said to myself, "This referee is on the take, he's a Latin." Then my eyes just scanned the article a little further and sure enough:

Henry himself insists the goal was clean and Spanish referee Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez was behind the play while his linesman was 60 yards away.

Call me a racist, whatever. I'll say this Spanish, Italian and Portugese football is unwatchable. The players dive constantly and the referees cannot tell right from wrong.

Now, Henry is one yellow card away from getting bounced out of the tournament. I smell a rat.

Aging Communist, Unable to Topple Capitalism Economically or Militarily, Takes a Crack at Wacko Environmentalism and Criminal Invasion

How's that communism work out for you? Is life tough on the capitalist talk-circuit paid for by your old supporters: the American Left. Well, I suppose you owe them, they carried your water for years. From my

Gorbachev compares proposed U.S. border wall to Berlin Wall

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev compared the United States' proposed 700-mile wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to the Berlin Wall during a Tuesday visit to Midland. [Texas]

Addressing a Tuesday news conference at UTPB's Center for Energy and Economic Diversification, the JBS Public Leadership Institute Distinguished Lecture Series speaker was by turns serious and flippant prior to a reception with more than 100 people.

"You remember President Reagan standing in Berlin and saying, 'This wall should be torn down,'" said the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner. "Now the United States seems to be building almost the Wall of China between itself and this other nation with which it has been associated for many decades and has had cooperation and interaction with.

"Maybe if global warming results in melting the ice in Greenland, there will be an island where those who would like to separate themselves from the rest of the world could live," he quipped. "But then of course we'll have to work this out with Denmark."

That's right, we're building a Wall of China, just like they did to keep the Monguls [like you] out. And it godammned worked, didn't it? The Wall in Berlin was designed to keep people in and was designed to split a nation [Germany]. Get the difference?

By the way, we don't need ice to melt to "seperate" ourselves. Simple door to door searches and social security number checks will do. We're already successful at stealing the best minds on the planet including most of Englands top PhDs. America will decides who she lets in. Now get out Hammer and Sickle Head.

Another Salvo in the War Against Boys

Here in Queer Nation (Massachusetts) the feminization of boys and the masculization of girls continues apace. From the Sun Chronicle:

Tag is now out during recess at Willett Elementary School in Attleboro.

So is touch football and any other unsupervised "chasing" games that are deemed to pose the risk of injury as well as liability to the school.

"It's a time when accidents can happen," said Principal Gaylene Heppe, in her second year at the helm of Willett.

Heppe included the new rule as part of a standardized set of playground rules that were not in play upon her arrival.

In doing so, she joined in a growing movement against traditional games played by young children in school gymnasiums and playgrounds. A few years ago, school administrators in the area, as well as around the country, took aim at dodgeball, saying it was an
exclusionary and dangerous game. Modified versions now include softer balls and ways for children to re-enter the action.

"I think that it's unfortunate that kids' lives are micromanaged and there are social skills they'll never develop on their own," said Debbie Laferriere, who has two children at Willett.

"Playing tag is just part of being a kid," she said. "Now, for children not to be able to make those decisions by themselves without interference from adults doesn't give them the opportunity to make their own choices."

Games like tag give children "social skills that transfer to later in life," she said.

Parent Christine McAndrews agreed.

"I think it's a little bit silly," she said, adding that she was not aware the rule was in place.

Willett parent Celeste D'Elia, on the other hand, backed Heppe's decision. Her son, she said, feels safer and enjoys the alternatives to throwing a football around.

"I've witnessed enough near collisions" in the playground area, D'Elia said. "I support anything that makes the playground safer and helps teacher to keep track of them."

Oh my, "near collissions", someone could scrape a knee!

Mind you Willet's "son" could always enjoy the alternatives, but now he has the administration cracking down on anything but the "alternatives." He is probably an uncoordinated dork, now everybody is being force marched down that road.

There will be more on the "queering" of the childrne in Massachusetts, I promise!

Ford Bleeding $$$, Still Supports Queer Nation

Maybe the two are related:

From My Way

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - Ford Motor Co. (F) said Monday its loss widened to $5.8 billion in the third quarter, weighed down by the costs of its massive restructuring plan aimed at cutting its expenses so it can compete better against lower-cost rivals from overseas.

This is a really funny claim since their truck division is losing the most amount of money and Toyota builds their trucks in Texas and Nissan builds their in Smyrna, TN. Ford shut down their most efficient plant, the one in Atlanta that built my 2005 Taurus. Its replacement, the Ford Fusion is built in Mexico. Perhaps, its a union thing.

Signing on with Queer Nation won't help those F150 sales to Bubba. The American Family Association has fully documented Ford's incorporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Queer Nation. This is not just about providing some marriage benefits for unmarried employees, that's Ford's business. This is about total espousal of the homosexual lifestyle: sponsorship of "homosexual media awards", activley recruits homosexuals by advertising in homosexual magazine, sponsors homosexual literature that promotes polygamy, sposnors homosexual and "marriage" (at the same time as polygamy!)

I own a Ford but I have signed the boycott. I'm kinda glad that I own a Ford (No homsexual would get caught dead driving a 2005 Ford Taurus, they're more the Volvo types.) Now I can pour salt in the wound as we plan our next purchase. I'll directly write to my local Ford dealer and tell them that I was planning on buying a Ford Freestyle for wifey but we're going with the Chrysler Pacifica or whatever car company gets the worst rating from DiversityInc.