Friday, November 23, 2007

Europe's Orwellian Nightmare Continues

Outrage as EU set to quiz women on their sexual history

British MEPs have reacted with outrage to a planned Euro-census which would demand details about every woman's sexual partners.

UK Independence Party MEP Derek Clark urged women to protest by claiming they are virgins or have 1,000 sexual partners if the proposal is approved.

The proposed new European Commission power to collect facts and figures on population and housing across the EU would go further than any national census, Mr Clark warned.

The information the Commission wants to be allowed to gather includes information on the "consensual unions" of all women in the EU.

The contentious question, set out in a draft of what would go to each household every ten years, demands "Date(s) of the beginning of the consensual union(s) of women having ever been in consensual union: (i) first consensual union and (ii) current consensual union."

Mr Clark commented: "The Commission claims it needs to know all sorts of things about us in order to set policy properly, but does it really need to have such personal and intrusive detail? How can it possibly need to know how many sexual partners a woman has had, and when they were?

"It appears that only straight men are immune from the questioning as by cross referencing the answers it will be easy to know if the woman in question is gay or straight."

He added: "If this question appears on the census form I would suggest that everybody either claims either to be a virgin or to have at least 1,000 consensual sexual partners."

It's interesting how atheists, protestants, pagans and agnostics critique the holy sacrament of confessions, a private exchange of information, and yet these people want to put this type of information into public databases.

Truly a satanic twist and only a matter of time before it comes to the United States.

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