Sunday, December 30, 2007

London Cardinal Fears That Polish Roman Catholics Are Roman Catholic

From the Telegraph (UK)

The leader of the country's Roman Catholics has sparked a row by accusing immigrants of creating a separate church in Britain.

Murphy-O'Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster, urged the Polish community to do more to learn English and integrate into local parishes, claiming the Catholic Church in the UK was in danger of dividing along ethnic lines as the number of Polish-speaking churches rose.

Leading Polish community figures said they felt
"violated" and "spiritually raped" by his words and called for talks on the issue.

It cracks me to hear athiest and Protestant writers attempt to explain what is going on. The Cardinal is the Cardinal of the Westminster Diocese ... he has no authority in other Dioceses. The fact of the matter is the Murphy-O'Connor is a liberal heretic and in a better age he would be burned at the stake.

It is even funnier to hear liberals oppose "diversity" and "repsect for other cultures."

His appointment was a mistake that was crammed through the Vatican during the waning days of the pontificate of Pope John Paull II. Even they realized what an error that had made and forced Murphy-O'Connor to sign a pledge of fidelity to the Vatican before he took power. Not a ringing endorsement after the error had been made clear. Murphy-O'Connor is a protestant collaborator and should be removed at once.

The bottom line is that the Poles are Roman Catholics and they are interfering with Cormac-Murphy's proto-protestant sect that he has launched inside the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster, England.

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