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Girly Man Nation

Girly Men and Girly Sons
Townhall ^ | July 1, 2008 | Katy Grimes

I have written a great deal about the feminization of America's boys. While Feminists have become more masculine with every passing year, men and boys have become wimpy, feminized and afraid of their own shadows.

About five years ago at a Boy Scout meeting for my son who had been recently promoted to Boy Scout from Weeblos, I looked around the room and shivered. I leaned over to my husband and whispered, "There's not a single male role model in this room." Shortly after that meeting, my son changed Boy Scout troops to another where men ran the troop - although many pushy mothers tried.

Between the teachers, pushy feminist mothers, lawyers and Hollywood depicting men as idiots, men have been relegated to the dufus category and boys are cry babies. On the playground, boys can't play chase - someone might get hurt. Boys can't fight - someone might get hurt. They can't play on the monkey bars or jungle gyms, or play King of the Hill, or tackle soccer, or anything that might involve getting roughed up. Even in dodge ball, boys get in trouble for throwing the ball too hard at girls.

In 1st grade, my son was asked not to return to the snooty school he attended. I wondered what egregious act he might have committed to elicit such a strong, negative response from the school. The only answer I got from his teacher is that he got in trouble for being squirrly in the PE line. This was a female-dominated school, where natural boyish behavior was supressed and they were made to learn French. Obviously, it was a blessing that my son did not continue attending such a female dominated, effeminizing, snob school. And today, he's at a Midshipman at the Naval Academy - manly stuff.

Feminists are miserable women - they want to dominate men, and then when they succeed at that, they hate the men they dominate. Feminists have become so masculine over the years, it's often difficult to differentiate between a "feminist" and a gender-bending woman. It used to be attractive to be feminine. Manly men liked us, and we where happy being pretty, wearing dresses and makeup, being good mommies and wives, and often managing work.

I heard a recent interview with columnist Kathleen Parker. Her new book, "Save The Males" is an accurate depiction of our anti-male culture and the ramifications. We are living the evidence.

In September 2006, I wrote The Selfish Pursuit of Feminism, and later turned it into a newspaper column here. And in 2005, I wrote my first post on the Feminizing of Boys here. It's a problem, and a big one. A boy with a feminist mother does not have a chance; he's been terrorized for years. When he realizes who he is, he's already married to a demanding, pushy wife.

Parents must take charge of their boys and refuse to allow schools and female teachers to dictate medications and treatments that render them docile.

I'd like your thoughts and experiences. And if you wear socks with your sandals, don't bother.

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