Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is 1984

War is Peace (*)
Freedom is Slavery (*)
Ignorance is Strength (*)
Terrorists are our best Friends
Freed terrorists deserve welfare, healthcare, college, taxpayer funded IVF, pensions, small business help, extra ....
The collapse of the WTC towers and the Pentagon on 911 was a wholesome "Natural" Act
Any undocumented Kenyan or whoever is obviously a "Natural" Citizen
The Oval Office's firing any Business CEO is not Control
Refusing FOIA Requests is Openness
Censorship is now Transparency
Censoring Opposing Views is Fairness
Criminal Illegal Aliens Before American Veterans for Health Care
Criminal Illegal Aliens Before American Children for College
Obama-Controlled Neoslavery is Freedom
Medical Records Held by the State is Privacy
Rationing Healthcare Creates Jobs
Better Healthcare for US Officials is Wonderful
Four Score Missing Nuclear Weapons Computers is Security
A Two-tiered Tax System favoring Politicians is Fair
Eliminating US Military Capacity is Increasing Strength
Freed, Armed Terrorists Make for Improved American Safety
Bow before Zod and ACORN

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