Sunday, August 02, 2009

Real Clear Religion

India pays couples to put off having children Interesting to see which religions/castes go for the cash .. can you say demographic implosion. My hunch is that Muslims won't go for the short term cash and will play the long term game. Christians may be a wildcard but they're known to be a more orthodox than their Western brothers.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: St. Augustine's Acceptance of the Seven Catholic Sacraments I'm confused what is the antithesis? That St Augustine was not a Roman Catholic? That the Roman Catholic Church wasn't the first publisher of the Bible .. that the Bible is not the master document of the Roman Catholic church? I'm being coy. I know there are Protestants who like to get beyond the televangelists, past Billy Graham, slip past Martin Lucifer and try to dabble in patristic sources. In doing so, they lay claim to St. Augustine (usually dropping the "St." when they refer to him.) Hence the counter attack .. St. Augustine needs to be asserted to be Roman Catholic and those sacraments need to be proven Biblical in nature .. a silly exercise really.

Raul Castro: Cuba won't undo communist system Raul was the chief executioner for brother Fidel, doing most of his work with a pistol in the sugar cane fields outside of Havana. But he's right .. Cuba won't undo the communist system ... the communist system undoes the communist system.

Protestants ask--Is Obama the Anti-christ? Did Jesus actually reveal name of the 'antichrist'? Yep they may be onto something ... "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." (Luke 10:18) . Greek word for 'lightning' is 'astrape', and the Hebrew equivalent is 'Baraq. ooo.. the "Obama" .. fits in too .. see the video for yourself.

England MP to Introduce Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide After Purdy Ruling The good thing that can come of this is a general reduction in the number of atheists, liberals and baby boomers .. but we're supposed to convert all those people so .. still a bad situation and suicide is still murder.

Abortion Drug Has Killed 29 Women, European Maker Tells Italy's Government And even more children. 29 so far ... it'll kill more women via through breast and cervical cancer, depression, drug abuse and suicide.

Apocalypse Movies and TV Shows Dominate Sometimes, understanding the fare for idiots can be telling. The Germans have a word for it: zeitgeist .. spirit of the times.

Al Qaeda may have infiltrated MI5 - MP well, once Great Britainstan fell ... their intelligence services would be next to follow ... hint hint guys .. look for the agents with the funny last names .. you know .. the ones that do not eat pork.

Italy ok's abortion pill despite church opposition| International| Reuters Bye bye Italy .. your new name is Italistan.

Muslims set on fire 40 Christian Homes, Children and Women burnt to death Is Obama's cousin Rael Idinga up to his old antics again? Ooops ... Pakistan this time. Sometimes the neighbors just don't want to play nice. Talk to me about the joys of diversity.

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