Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pope and Condoms: Rutten’s Wrong

The Pope and Condoms: Rutten’s Wrong

A little clearer and a lot stronger treatment of the issue from Brother Andre Marie from SBC Richmond, NH link. Still there's a problem with having to rush out with these "what he meant to say" statements. The Vatican was all over the place with clarifications, re-statements, discussions of the masculaine vs feminine German pronouns, other translation issues.

Maybe it was all just Prostitute Ethics 101 ... I'm not cynical, but I know people who are. People were interpreting all this to mean, "condoms for diseased prostitutes okay, but you married people keep having those babies." The cynical keep getting more cynical and these are the people who go to Mass and send their kids to parochial school! Perhaps they, too, are looking for the contraception okay and now feel left out.

My head still hurts though the Brother's article is having an aspirin-like effect on me.

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