Friday, February 10, 2006

First Lady meets Pope Bendict wearing a mantilla!

credit: Reuters Photo

The first lady, Mrs. Laura Bush, met with Pope Benedict XVI this week. It is unclear whether she was seeking protection under the Swiss Guard from hostile Italian communists protesting the Olympics, whether she was planning on ditching silly Methodism or whether this was just a plain ole social call.

The big news was that she was wearing a mantilla! It is not certain whether she had just attended a Tridentine Mass with the Holy Father or just figured that that was appropriate dress for hanging with the successor of St. Peter.

Mantillas are not just for elderly old Latino women. They are standard wear for women attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Roman Catholic Church. In ancient traditions dating back even thousands of years, the “veil” represented purity and modesty in many religions and cultures. I have a hunch that even in Protestantism (invented in the 1500s) women wore something or other before the global radicalization of humanity in the 1960s.

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