Thursday, February 23, 2006

Have a 'Gansett

Naragansett Beer is back! My local newspaper had a whole feature article about the return of a real New England institution. My grandfather used to drink Naragansett. He used to let us take a sip of it out of shot glasses and, man, even at 5 years old I loved the tatse!

Apparently a young entrepreneur has bought the rights to the beer and they have actually found one of the original brew masters to make sure they got it just right. One of my most candid memories as a child was sitting with my grandfather. He spilled his beer and my grandmother started wiping it up. She marveled at how the Naragansett beer did such a fine job at removing the wax build-up from the wood floors. She grabbed his can and poored more on the floor and my grandfather let loose some explitives....oh well, that was Bob and Connie.

I'm psyched. A visit to the website will reveal packies and bars near you where this fine IPA can purchased. I wonder if it is still going to be $2.60 for a six pack? There's a bar just 200 feet from my house that serves it on tap! Now that is motivation to go out with the misses and leave the tykes with a sitter.

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