Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thick as a Brick

Opponents to Mexico's invasion of the United States didn't have the time to take a day off in protest, so they sent bricks to Congress instead with messages like, "Stop the Invasion, Build a Wall" organized by these folks:

These guys just don't get it, namely Colorado Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar. Allard "laughed about the heavy bricks he has found in his in-box, saying he'll have to weigh them against the letters and calls he receives from both sides." (Rocky Mountain News May 2, 2006)

'The question I have is, how do they get that through security? The second thing is, how did they afford the postage? Now that is a motivated citizen.'
That's right Allard, how the hell can we afford to send bricks when the middle and working classes are experiencing wage stagnation, rising property taxes, rising auto insurance, rising social security and medicare taxes caused by the diseased, illiterate, rapist criminals from Mexico that are invading America. (see the rape part here.)

Now the Editor in Chief of Ad Jesu per Mariam gets goose pimples at the idea of 12 million Roman Catholic invading the Protestant United States of America. He knows that his people came over on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and NOT the Mayflower. But Mexico is a socialist hell hole and Vincent Fox, the Masonic, bigamist is the chief example of what is wrong with Mexico. The Mexican people still have a healthy devotion to the Blessed Vigin Mary but methinks we are not getting the cream of the crop from Mexico (whose own southern border is heavily miltarized.) Mexico is exporting the dross of the society. These illegal aliens are people whose first act as "Americans" is an illegal one. Get in line DAMMIT! Besides we need immigrantion DIVERISTY! (it always pays to throw in liberal catch phrases.)

So, if we are talking about 100 million Filipinos, Latinos and Eastern Europeans who dutifully fill out their paperwork and come to America I'm all for it!!!! The secret "Build the Tunnel to the Vatican" programme is in full swing here in the USA with the appointment of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court ... the 100 million Roman Catholics just add laborers to the fold.


Lee said...

"... the diseased, illiterate, rapist criminals from Mexico..."

You self-satisfied, bigotted bastard.
For every illegal alien you present who has committed such crimes, I'll show you 10 anglo's and about 20 blacks.

Lee said...

Perhaps that was a little strong.
I'm sorry.

It's just that, due to marriage situations, I'm a bit sensitive to prejudice against hispanics.

There are bad apples in every lot, you know.
And Mexico is very much the way it is today because of the U.S. pissing all over it for the past 150 years.
There's an old adage: Poor Mexico; so far from God, yet so close to the United States.

Thomas Shawn said...

Lee said, "I'll show you 10 anglo's and about 20 blacks."

Lee, you're even a worse racist. Your grammar sucks, too, because you put "anglo" in the possessive. Let me just submit that we are not getting the cream of the crop from Mexico.

Only 10 anglos? That's pretty good considering that they constitute 75% of the population at the moment and criminal aliens from Mexico are about 2%- 3% . On the 20 blacks ... well I think you got a little racist problem there.

I'll admit, with enough abortion in the black community I'm sure you liberals should be able to tease that down to 15. Do a little research on the abortion movement, a woman named Margaret Sanger and the "Eugenics" movement. You're a very symmetrical thinker.

Thomas Shawn said...

(please not my previous comment was actually composed prior to your second one.)

No need to apologize, Lee. I know what is in my heart and it is not hate. Besides, my ire comes from having a spouse through the immigration process (long delayed and complicated by illegal alien amnesty written into law in Dec 2000 by that lecherous rapist from Arkansas who occupied the White House at the time.) Read the hyperlinked story on the rape. The victim was Mexican and I have a hunch she and her immediate family were legals or full fledged citizens.

These illegals are a dangerous bunch.

Viva Mexico, let's be sure we drain them of their engineers, doctors, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, you know, law abiding types. The most violent supporters of illegal aliens are Bush Republican/slash and burn types that like the cheap, unorganized labor and the liberal fascists.

Had a liberal fasciest over my house the other week, full of praise for Castro's Cuba. Vowed that getting rid of illegals would make lettuce too expensive (actually a false argument as the agricultural workers are all legal, here on work visas). These fascist liberals sound all nice but they have their own financial interests foremost in their mind. They ensconce themselves in very safe, very white suburban and rural areas, then they take very radical positions that don't cost themselves a thing.

One should talk to legal immigrants, ones that struggle at minimum wage and then ask them what they think about criminals who cut to the head of the line: that is the persepctive of the Editor in Chief of this blog.

Lee said...

It matters little.
We will NOT see eye to eye on this matter, because I have a broader vision than you.
You see things only in terms of current laws, policies, etc. - you know, the "niceties" of any particular government.
Sic transit gloria mundi.
I see things from the perspective of hundreds of years past, and likewise HUNDREDS of years in the future - not the 20, 50 100(?) that you seem to to be looking toward.
The southern peoples are migrating.
A little something like Europe at the end of the Empire.
They WILL come in; they WILL reproduce themselves (unlike us which are black and white); and things WILL change.
The Republic will fall, and be replaced by another political entity (or several others).

And, of course, much of this will be because of our sins - our sins "as" a republic.
However, this will be in a time which has far surpassed our generation, and leaves us as we are now behind as rot and dust.
That is, when you and I have ceased to be human beings, and half of us have entered into aeviternity.

Thomas Shawn said...

Your vision is not broader than mine, yours attempts to peer more deeply into the future.

I'm pretty focused on the here and now. I'm 37 with a mortgage, with little ones, I'm focused on not having my children raped by this God-forsaken system. I'm concerned about the illegals that troll our streets unlicensed, uninsured and unafraid. 9/11 was a devastating attack by illegal aliens. I knew people who knew people who went down that day and I have two brothers who have fired weapons in anger in the Iraqi theatre of Operations. (Unfortunately I hit a lull during my time on the tip of the spear from '91-'94) ((I'll blog more about my days as professional death dealer later.))

I'm one of those types of guys to get my gun, run out my door and start blasting red coats. I'll settle into the long view when I get a bit longer in the tooth. Hopefully, by then, my sons will have been trained to grab their guns and run out of their house to blast red coats while I wax philosophic and look for my dentures. Yes, then it will be time to sit back, drink sherry and ruminate on the Fall of the Roman Empire and its juxtaposition with the American Experiment.

Lee said...

I hear where you're coming from, and believe it or not, I'm not much older than yourself.
And I have already seen plenty of death very close to me (and I don't just mean my old parents and grandparents, but friends and children as well.)

What have I learned? How maintained sanity?
The theology of the Doctor of the Church St. Therese; and "abandonment" as taught by de Caussade.

And remember Martha, Mary has chosen the better part.

Lee said...

Also, I remember a great bumper sticker I saw once - and I offer the advice to you.


Try the Rosary.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »