Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rule Brittania

Who could not help but get swept up in the World Cup mania? Everyone knows he chances of the USA are a bit dim, I must reveal my longstanding and deep seated favoritism toward England. I liked soccer before soccer was cool. Go here to get the run down on who is playing whom and when. The World Cup is being held in Germany so most games start at noon E.S.T. but I'm sure there's going to be some tape delay action.

Just prior to the start of the games there went out word that a certain "Religion of Peace" would be quite offended if the Brits displayed their flag. (Not the union Jack, as that represents all of the United Kingdom, but a component of it: the Saint George cross. The Union Jack incorporates the crosses of St. George, St. Andrew, and St. Patrick.)

Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, in which the group said that the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the 'blood thirsty crusaders' and the occupation of Muslims, some of the largest companies in England have ordered their workers not to wave the flags.

Blood thirsty crusaders? Now you're talking! Here's a picture of one right now ... I bet he could drink quite a bit, too.

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Petrus said...

Huh... so this guy would be on our side???

Hmmm... It does make you wonder.