Tuesday, December 19, 2006

French Socialist Gets Cozy with Terrorists., Later Bewildered by Cold Shoulder

From Reuters by By Kerstin Gehmlich

PARIS (Reuters) - One is French. One is American. [Both are socialists] Both may become the first female presidents of their country. But will Segolene Royal and Hillary Rodham Clinton support or snub each other in their battle?

Speculation about the power women's relationship rose in France after a newspaper said Royal had postponed a U.S. trip planned for this month because Clinton did not want to see her.

Socialist regional leader Royal, 53, a relative political newcomer with little foreign policy experience, has made little secret of the fact she would like to meet Clinton to bolster her international credentials.

But after gaffes by Royal on a trip to the Middle East, the Democratic Senator from New York, who is believed to be eyeing a White House bid in 2008, was less than enthusiastic about being seen together with the French candidate, Le Parisien daily said at the weekend, quoting a Clinton adviser.......

and buried at the bottom the Reuters reporter reveals Royal's gaffe

On her recent Middle East visit, Royal waited a day before condemning comments made in front of her by Hezbollah politician Ali Ammar who described past Israeli occupations of the country as Nazism. She said she had not heard his words.

She was also forced to clarify her position after she seemed to agree with Ammar's assessment of U.S. foreign policy as "unlimited insanity".

I'm sure Mrs. Royal is confused as Hilary Rotten Clinton has famous for constant make out sessions with the wife of terrorist Yassir Arafat, but this is an election year honey! There's no time for romance just now.

Besides, American socialists save their diatribes against their own country for their overseas trips.

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