Monday, December 11, 2006

On the Roman Catholic Origin of Just About Everything

Read it (and weep if you are a Protestant, athiest, Jew, pagan or anything else.)

From an AMAZON reviwer:

In two hundred pages, Foley (who teaches at Baylor University) covers the Catholic origins of everyday objects, words, practices, and institutions in our life, in entertainment, manners, food, music, sports, flowers, science, technology, law, and language. The title of the book is slightly misleading, since the purpose is not to explain Catholic practices but rather to show how we all practice Catholicism without really knowing it.

Remember the invisible ink you used when you were a kid? You would write and not see it until you held it up to the light or covered it with a special liquid. This book is that light, that liquid, that brings into sharp relief what was there and yet could not see. These are the ghosts that surround us on all sides, and they are here to stay and dwell among us so long as we are civilized.

And they are here to stay and dwell among us so long as we are civilized, indeed.

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