Thursday, May 03, 2007

President Bush Back to Supporting Abortion

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2007 ( - An attempt by the United States to get the World Bank out of the population control business has failed after opposition from EU countries led the United States to back down. On Tuesday, the World Bank approved a new health policy retaining support for abortion after the United States dropped its insistence that the Bank which is funded primarily by the United States, halts its promotion of abortion.

The Bush Administration sought to insert language in the health policy update which would distance it from forcing abortion on recipient countries. The language would have asked countries to provide "age appropriate access to sexual and reproductive healthcare" rather than the currently worded "reproductive health services" which include abortion.
The retarded, drunk, frat-boy figures, "well, no more elections to worry about, I'm gonna get me a legacy."

What the world needs per Population Control expert Stephen Mosher:

"We need to be standing up for the women in developing countries who say 'we need clean drinking water, we need penicillin, we need antibiotics or our children when they become stricken with infectious disease, we need inoculations, we need vitamin tablets'," he said. "'We don't need your family planning programs, we don't need your so-called reproductive health care, we don't need your population stabilization programs.'"

Mosher concluded saying that the continued US push for population control is at the heart of some of the anti-US sentiment coming from the developing world. "It's very obvious to me," he said, "that this is an aspect of US foreign policy that is deeply resented around the world and has made it difficult for us to achieve our other aims like promoting democracy and economic development."

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