Monday, May 07, 2007

Score One for the Good Guys and a Prophetic Event for the Hildabeast

France: Conservative scores huge win as female voters flee female candidate.

PARIS (Reuters) - Socialist Segolene Royal failed to win over a majority of women voters in France's presidential election and may have paid a price for focusing too much on her gender
at the expense of promoting her policies.

Only 48 percent of women voted for Royal, according to an Ipsos poll conducted on election
day on Sunday, while 52 percent supported rightist rival and overall winner Nicolas Sarkozy.
The weak female support is a bitter personal blow for Royal, who had played up her feminist credentials throughout the campaign, frequently defending policies she would want "as a mother" and accusing critics of male chauvinism.

Some women said the glamorous Royal, a mother of four, had focused too much on the symbolism linked to becoming France's first female president. "The reason she did not have the female vote is not because there was no solidarity but because she was not up to it," said Tita Zeitoun, founder of the Action de Femme group which fights to get more women into top business positions.

"Just because you're a feminist, you don't vote for a women who does not have the ability. We're talking about the presidential election here ... It's too serious to link this to a phenomenon of femininity or feminism," she said.
That's right, a presidency is too important to get wrapped up in a petty social idea like feminism. What matters is ability and the fate of your nation.

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