Sunday, November 02, 2008

John McCain Peterborough, NH Nov 2, 2008

The boys and I were there! Waited in line for something like an hour and then got positioned outside their main Town Hall. Eight hundred lucky ones made it inside but John pulled up in the Straight Talk Express and addressed the crowd for a few minutes. We were about 35 feet back. I had my 5 year old on my shoulders and my 4 yr old held up high. I was holding about 90 pounds of kids up for about ten minutes. That's Red Sox Legend Curt Schilling and his wife to the right in the red jackets.

I have to admit, it was an exhilarating experience and biggest thing that made me come away from the experience was this: the People.

No matter what happens, there will continue to millions of us who love God, who love America and have our heads screwed on straight. John McCain is an honest man and he is Pro-Life. I've wondered why the Left has not attacked him more for this ... perhaps it is because they know that there is a pro-life groundswell in this country and they know that conservative have had quibbles with McCain on various issues.


M. Alexander said...

Awesome! We went to Salem, NH (I think) to hear Sarah Palin. She was wonderful. I'm signing all the kids' school notes with "Palin for President in 2012".

It's a Trad Catholic school- they understand me there.

Thomas Shawn said...

This was a special post for me ... my first real live reporting. My little guy announced to his whole k-garden class (disocesian school) that he saw McCain.

Later he pondered whether Jesus was voting for McCain ... I wouldn't touch that one.