Sunday, November 30, 2008

FACEBOOK: Proud to be Roman Catholic

I sorta noted to myself that if challenged on my membership in the Roman Catholic Church (the only legitimate Christian Church outside of which there is no salvation) by "friends" in my profile, I'd just point out the overwhelming white, middle class nature of atheistic liberalism and the Churches' diversity (diversity being a favorite liberal touch-stone).

My quip is this: whenever I look at the latest members of the FACEBOOK group "Proud to be Roman Catholic" I can scarcely pronounce the names. So, who exactly, is "diverse"?


Robert said...

The word, "catholic" means "universal". The Catholic Church has always been the most diverse.

Thomas Shawn said...

Robert -

Yeah, catalicos is Greek for "Universal", right?

Still, its easy to lose sight of that.


Crispal said...

Dear Thomas, thank you for the information. I didn't know there is such a group. I will join it immediately. I am also proud to be a Roman Catholic.

Thomas Shawn said...

Facebook is fun, a seething den of liberals, but, hey, an evangelizing opportunity.