Monday, March 02, 2009

New News

Once again, the Real Religion News Feed, deserves some attention:

Conservative Lutherans fight homosexual clergy consideration ( Oh come now, if you were a real conservative you'd be a Roman Catholic.

PR and the Pope Well the Pope has his internal enemies. The first person quoted in the story was a Jesuit .. start the Inquisition there.

Microchip maker 'hid ties to cancer' implantable device lodged under people's skin ... sounds like something from a 1970s sci-fi thriller. Ooops ... that antenna causes cancer .. who knew?

Liberals are the true heirs of the Nazi spirit I won't even read this as I know it to be true on a deep and personal level. They're the first one to accuse you of being a Nazi but just examine their adoration to eugenics.

Wash. "death with dignity law" set to take effect Euthanasia: the ultimate payback for the generation that brought you Roe vs. Wade

Banned cleric Omar Bakri addresses conference at London primary school - Telegraph Sorry Londonstan, its over for you.

Designer baby row over US clinic Something tells me that these designer babies with their high powered Last-Names-As-First-Names "Morgan", "Cole", "Jackson", "Sloan" born to uber-power parents from the lilly white suburbs are going to be supreme mental misfits.

Card. Mahony on the “Tridentine” Mass As usual Raj gets it backward, the Novus Ordo is where nobody participates (except for the 25 Eucharistic "ministers") and the Tridentine crowd participates massively.

Toward nationalizing U.S. banks -- toward one world order This all will not work, though it may take 20 years to figure this out.

Holocaust-denier Williamson "will fight any German extradition" This guy need to meditate on the life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe.

Another blow to fatherhood: IVF mothers can name ANYONE as 'father' on birth certificate My sister has a theory that these IVF babies "aren't quite right."


kwelos said...

I see that on his current visit to Africa, Pope Benedict has repeated his critique of Islam regarding irrationalism and propagation by violence, though in a more low-key way than at Regensburg.

Hopefully the easily-offended ones will refrain from any reprisals.

Thomas Shawn said...

Propagation by violence is one of the hallmarks of the political party headed by Railia Odinga, first cousin of Barack Hussein Obama.

Odinga's antic include burning down churches while women and children hover insode them.

Odinga apparently gets high praise from Obama in his book, though I haven't read the tome myself.

Thanks for the comment, I'm honored.