Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Night Prayer

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us and grant us the grace of loving Holy Church, as we are bound to do, above every earthly thing, and of ever showing forth our love by the witness of our deeds.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us and grant us the grace of openly professing, as we are bound to do, with courage and without human respect, the faith that we received of Thy gift in Holy Baptism.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us and grant us the grace of sharing, as we are bound to do, in the defense and propagation of the Faith, when duty calls, whether by word or by the sacrifice of our fortunes and our lives.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us and grant us the grace of loving one another in mutual charity, as we are bound to do, and establish us in perfect harmony of thought, will and action, under the rule and guidance of our holy Pastors.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us and grant us the grace of conforming our lives fully, as we are bound to do, to the commandments of God's law and that of His holy church, so as to live always in that charity which they set forth.

* Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to God

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we ask in particular this special favour: [state your request here].

Dedication of One’s Family:

Most loving Jesus,
by Your sublime and beautiful virtues of humility,
obedience, poverty, modesty, charity, patience, and gentleness,
You blessed with peace and happiness the family
which You chose on earth.
In Your mercy look upon my family.
We belong to You,
for we have received Your many blessings over many years
and we entrust ourselves to Your loving care.

Look upon my family in Your loving kindness,
preserve us from danger,
give us help in time of need,
and grant us the grace to persevere to the end
in imitation of Your holy Family,
so that having revered You and loved You faithfully on earth,
we may praise You eternally in heaven.

Mary, dearest Mother,
to your intercession we have recourse,
knowing that your Divine Son will hear your prayers.
Glorious patriarch, Saint Joseph,
help us by your powerful prayers
and offer our prayers to Jesus through Mary’s hands.



Lord Jesus Christ,
being subject to Mary and Joseph,
You sanctified family life by Your beautiful virtues.
Grant that we, with the help of Mary and Joseph,
may be taught by the example of Your holy Family,
and may after death enjoy its everlasting companionship.

Lord Jesus, help us ever to follow the example of Your holy Family,
that in the hour of our death Your glorious Virgin Mother
together with Saint Joseph may come to meet us,
and we may be worthy to be received by You into the everlasting joys of heaven.
You live and reign forever.


Consecration to the Holy Family

O Jesus, our most loving Redeemer, who having come to enlighten the world with Thy teaching and example, didst will to pass the greater part of Thy life in humility and subjection to Mary and Joseph in the poor home in Nazareth, thus sanctifying the Family that was to be an example for all Christian families, graciously receive our family as it dedicates and consecrates itself to Thee this day. Do Thou defend us, guard us and establish amongst us Thy holy fear, true peace, and concord in Christian love: in order that, by conforming ourselves to the divine pattern of Thy family, we may be able, all of us without exception, to attain to eternal happiness.

Mary, dear Mother of Jesus and Mother of us, by thy kindly intercession make this our humble offering acceptable in the sight of Jesus, and obtain for us His graces and blessings.

O Saint Joseph, most holy guardian of Jesus and Mary, assist us by thy prayers in all our spiritual and temporal necessities; that so we may be enabled to praise our divine Savior Jesus, together with Mary and thee, for all eternity.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be (three times each).

sent by Onyinye Nwosu of Germany of the Proud to be Roman Catholic FACEBOOK group

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Richard said...

Hi. Love the prayer. Can you tell me if it would be possible for me to use the image of the Holy Family for a pamphlet I am trying to get published?
Thank you in anticipation.