Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pop Psychology Goes Pre-School

Beware the psychology majors. They did not learn to do anything in school but they needed jobs. So, they have invaded the ranks of teaching. Unable to cope with the concept of direct intellectual training of children, they went to grad school, got degrees in educational administration and have insinuated themselves at the highest levels of the education world. Once in power, the "psychologists" (really, undisciplined idiots who could not hack a real major) have melted down the science of pedagogy into nebulous subjects like "emotional literacy" and "emotional intelligence."

Here's the story. How many 4-5 year olds can even read those questions?

This bullsh*t has infested corporate America, too. Same thing. Misfit wanderers from human resources who have really no clue about how to make a better product or how to increase profitability have stemmed the tide of their own layoffs with batteries of "personality profiling", chit chat session about "communication effectiveness" and "exploring the whole self."

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