Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Take Heed Polygamous Pro-Abort!

Rudy Almost Struck Dead by Lightening

Rudy, you are under defacto EXCOMMUNICATION! Now stop claiming to be a Roman Catholic, dammit!


K Stapp said...

That is such the standard response from both dems and republicans regarding abortion: "Personally, I'm against it, but legally I'm for it". They think they're covering all voters by saying that. That was what Edwards said last campaign as well. It's tiring.

Thomas Shawn said...

I'm at least hoping for truth in advertising. He's no Roman Catholic.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic but the two front runners for the Republican nomination are still Guiliani and McCain as of today, right?
I hadn't heard Romey's take on abortion. I heard he's soft on it but am hoping he has a better answer than the standard "no, I'm against it personally and yes, I'm for it legally".