Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Verbal Shot that Destroyed the EU

Poland's Nazi taunt inflames EU summit

Germany's Nazi past has returned to haunt the EU summit.

A vitriolic outburst by Poland's prime minister revealed the Second World War bitterness that still strains the heart of Europe.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski accused the Germans of "incomprehensible crimes" against his country, turning what was already set to be an acrimonious meeting into a confrontation between historical enemies.

Poland has been fighting plans for the summit - being held in Germany - to change the EU's voting system to one based on population.

It would increase the influence of the host country, EU's largest with 82million people, at the expense of smaller members such as Poland, which has only 38million.

It would seem the Polish PM has a fair point. Oh happy day, that after only 60 years Germany gets to rule Europe. Of course, us Catholics think in terms of decades and centuries, so this might quite a shocker to the liberals, athiests and protestant who can't seem to remember yesterday.

A Brit recently explained to me that they're forming the EU just as the US formed from different states in order to form a greater whole ... we'll first you need a common language and then you need a civil war to show who's the boss. Europe has had neither of those. Roman Catholicism was the only thing they had in common and their last major war are based on genocide. They've turned their back on the Church and now the practitioners of genocide want to ascend to the throne? Fat chance.

Conceptually, though, I like the population winner take all approach. That theoretically should leave the pagan states in the dust and subject to World Vatican Control. Married Roman Catholics, you know what to do!


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