Monday, December 08, 2008

Remote Blogging (To Say the Least)

This humble blog brought to you from Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

I'm sitting in a wi-fi spot in a bar at a 5star resort in Central Philippines. The jet lagged family is still sleeping after spending 9 hours straight in the ocean/pool at this place:


Robert said...

could never afford that in Philippines......last time we went we stayed with Mama & Papa.

Thomas Shawn said...

Email me and I will give you a tip to get 50% off. With the free breakfast and the snorkeling for $3.00/hour (for example) this place is a steal as far as staying at a world class place.

We also got picked up for free at the airport, the restaurant is cheap and the internet is free, too.

We're only here 2.5 days and then will will also be staying with Mama and Papa, so I will be posting soon from the "other" Philippines.

Robert said...

don't expect that email from me re the discount anytime soon. Can't afford to go to Philippines before 2010....if not later.

Crispal said...

Philippines, what a great country Christinized by the Spaniards! Otherwise it would be now like Indonesia.

Thomas Shawn said...

Robert -
I hear ya. We won't back for 3 years or so at the soonest.

Crispal -
The "Indonesia" effect is growing daily here and I've been wrestling with how to blog this issue.

There was a recent terrorist bombing in Illigan City near here. Guess who ... it wasn't Protestants, Buddhists, Mormons or agnostics who did it.