Monday, December 08, 2008

Big Macho Eco-Tourism Experience

I ripped up my knee on coral. Otherwise it was fun hand feeding fish and snorkeling. Funny thing of the day: laughing at Japanese couples wearing matching oufits. Wifey says we should do the same thing, only all four of us with matching clother.

I'm jet lagged as all get out. Woke up at 10:30 pm local and spent the night blogging and trading stocks on-line (my heretofore secret escape from USA strategy which worked brilliantly save for my limited stock trading skills.)

We're at a 5 star resort which caters to the richest people in Asia. We get 2.5 days of this and then it is off to the real Philippines. I hope to snap some pictures of the grinding poverty that exists here. My advance apologies to the unnamed people in those photos but I must chronicle this. No offense, either, to any Filipinos reading this, my goal is to point out that the lowest economic strata of the USA is middle of the road for the rest of this planet so my goal is get Americans think before complaining (or dragging SUVs into church.)

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