Monday, December 08, 2008


No, when I write humanculture I do not mean snooty a-holes at NYC cheese and wine parties. There's agriculture (harvesting from the land), aquaculture (harvesting from the sea) and humanculture (harvesting from humans).

In this humanculture, a new growth industry in the biotech field, there's the subtle splicing and dicing of DNA, slicing and dicing victims of in-utero murder and in the case cited below, just plane ole organ ripping from the dead (low milage, barely used condition):

A multi-million dollar lawsuit by 42 parents against Auckland's Green Lane Hospital for keeping dead babies' hearts and organs without consent has been settled secretly.

A three-week trial had been due to begin in Wellington's High Court in October but was called off when parents agreed to a confidential settlement, gagging them from further comment.

The Sunday Star-Times understands the settlement paid was $5000 per person a fraction of the $70,000 damages sought by each parent and includes a yet-to-be-made apology plus a denial of liability by the Crown.

In 2002, Auckland Hospital stunned families by admitting it had kept more than 1300 hearts and other organs, mostly from babies and children some for more than 50 years up until as late as 2001. Many were taken without permission after autopsies and kept in the hospital's library.


These arrogant and evil medical thugs think they are just so much more than your average Chinese commie organ harvesting operation. The only difference is the white coat and white skin.

Our own communist overlords in Massachusetts are committed to the bio-tech industry and I suspect that they will be keenly interested in getting in on this action. Beware.

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