Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poland Won't Play Nice, Thank God!

This article by a New York Times hack bemoans how Poland refuses to play nice and submit to EU socialism, the homosexual agenda or UN-one-world-government.
WISLICA, Poland This modest village in central Poland, standing in the shadow of the Basilica of the Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary, finds itself reaching back to its deepest roots soon after Poland, and much of Central Europe, won the prizes of membership in NATO and the European Union.

They have given their support to a nationalist Roman Catholic government that in the few months since coming to power has been defending what people here call Christian values and acting with an aggressiveness and a pugnacity that alarms more secular and liberal- minded people in Poland and elsewhere in Europe.
Yes, when countries elect God-hating socialists who push homosexual marriage and athiesm, they're "moderate", "secular", and peace-loving. When other choices are made they're "aggressive", "pugnacious" and "nationalistic."

The photo is, of course, Donald Sutherland from Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the final scene where the only other free person attempts to talk to Donald as they were the last two who were not "snatched." Only problem was: they got to Donald. It sums up in graphic form the sentiment expressed by the NYT and the leftist death cult in regard to countries and people who take their freedom and support capitalism, Judeo-Christian ethics and Western Civilzation.


Petrus said...

I fell in love with Poland when I visited it in May - but I love it more the more I learn about it.

Lee said...

"Agressive"? "Pugnacious"? "Nationalistic"?
I like it. I'll take these, please.
Only, do you have them in a larger size?