Sunday, July 23, 2006

Zidane Update

Follow up #1
Zidane was suspended three games and the Italian that provoked him was suspended for two. Zidane is retiring so this is irrelevent but the Italian inquestion will miss Euro Cup 2008 matches.

Follow up #2
Zizou gets to keep the golden ball award awarded by journalists to the MVP of the World Cup.

In the meantime, I'm pulling for Arsenal of the British Premier league. I figured I just had to pick a team and Manchester United seemed like a bit too easy. I used to work at a place called "The Arsenal" which was a US Army Research Facility in my hometown, so I figured what the heck.

Arsenal won the championship last year, though, so I guess they're pretty good. They play out of North London, in a brand spanking new stadium ... so I'll day-dream about seeing a match there someday. Thierry Henry, the striker from the French national team, plays there, so I'll enjoy pulling for him. There are rumors that Thierry is trying to get his bud Franck Ribery on the team, too. That would be awesome. More on Franck later.

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