Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zizou We Love You

When my beloved England got bounced from the World Cup I continued watching intently, all the while recalling my glorious days on the football pitch (I'll blog that later.) Maybe it was in the throes of this childhood reverie that I watched France beat Spain and then Portugal. I took interest in two players (midfielders of course) Zinedine Zideine and Franck Ribery. Zideine for his cool , masterful control and Ribery for his hell-bent-for-leather attacking.

France made it to the final and lost to Italy and lost in a miserable shootout finale.

Most notably Zizou Zidaine played his last game due to his announced retirement. He was kicked out early for slamming his head into the chest of an Italian player who called Zidane's mother a whore. Video link here. This video from BBC alleges sexual advances made by the Italian. Fun game of the incident here. More fun stuff here.

My positon on this: Zizou show great restraint. The Italian player would have been severely crippled if he had said that to me while my mother was deathly ill.

Also, Franck Ribery, did quite well for himself. He was playing second tier football in France two seasons ago and is nor getting offered millions of $$$$ by teams like Arsenal and Manchester United of the British elite league, Real Madrid of the Spanish Elite league and Lyon of the top French league. Good on you Franck!

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