Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's Kristallnacht


What’s left of St. Bernadette’s face fits neatly into Father Terry McCloskey’s palm.

The Redemptorist Church priest keeps the piece of stone — about a three-pound chunk from the ruined statue — handy at the parish office. It’s a visual aide to the extent of damage done by vandals last weekend to a lovely grotto.

At least the broken stone shows some of the physical damage. What McCloskey can’t capture is the hurt his parishioners are feeling.

Probably Saturday night, some fool or fools nearly busted off the head of St. Bernadette’s statue on the grounds of Redemptorist Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. He, she or they also attacked the plaster relief inside the place of prayer, smashing Christ’s head and a portion of the Virgin Mary. The image of St. John was caved in, leaving a gaping hole.
Oh well, it's only a hate crime if your from one of the protected groups. /sarcasm

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