Saturday, January 31, 2009

To Save the West: Exterminate the MetroMales

Chronicles of Atlantis [Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - Marian Chivalry, Pro Christo et Ecclesia - Christo-centric Curmudgeonism] explains.
What will save the West is the death of the metromale, God willing. Islamic men have much to teach us and we have much to learn.
I haven't even the read beyond the first sentence and I know what Athos is talking about. This is something that came to me at 4am in Malaybalay City, Philippines last month. It was 4am, I had been awake for several hours watching the vagaries of the stock market when I heard it:

Some Muslim dude in the neighborhood was praying as my mother-in-law, cousin and my wife were shuffling off to the Chapel for a Pre-Christmas Novena (9 day prayer service). So this guy, was praying to his god. How many Christian males were praying to the real God that morning? I fear not many. I know I didn't recite any morning prayer.

"We're in big trouble" is what crossed my mind. The Muslim's allegiance to their false god will be no match for limp-wristed, quasi-athiest, Western metrosexuality, nor to its Philippine off-shoot, weakened Filipino men, lost in Tanduay rum or other foolishness. Maybe there were tons of guys down at the Chapel, I dunno but I know America and I know the West.

Another news story from this week surfaced in Britian. A 83 year old WWII vet put a robber in a headlock while half a dozen metrosexuals just stood idly by. By the looks of the guy, I bet he could my kick my butt.

This whole issue first came to light just after September 11, 2001. There was some article published, maybe it was by Peggy Noonan who was talking about the dawn of the era of the real man .... the firefighter, the soldier, the cop ... and the death the of the whiny, limp wristed, Jerry Seinfeld-type. Well she was wrong. We've forgotten Sep 11, 2001 and have swung full bore back into September 10 mode.

As the years passed, most Americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11. But I never have.


Anonymous said...

Heh heh,

Well, all the relevant data suggests that, as the human species approaches it's maximum population limit, we're becoming increasingly asexual. More gender ambiguity, sexual diversity. Just a survival mechanism.

Don't know what that means for your paranoid view of national/religious/economic conflicts, but hey, if it's natural it can't be that bad.

I wouldn't worry about praying to the demi-urge to help you with your masculinity issues.

Thomas Shawn said...

There is no data to suggest a maximum population limit, just as there is no data to suggest man-made global warming.

There is no paranoia, like a stunted juvenile, you refuse to address the issue and pretend the status quo will hold. Things are changing and not for the better.

You're the one hysterically defending limp wristed metrosexuals. The masculinity issues are all yours.

You'll burn for mocking God.