Sunday, January 18, 2009

Think Twice about Marrying a Muslim


A cardinal once in contention to be pope has said Portuguese women should avoid marrying Muslims -- because "even Allah can't say" what might happen if they move to an Islamic nation. But Muslims make up a

tiny minority in Portugal. The leader of the Catholic Church in Portugal has warned young women not to marry Muslims.

On Tuesday Cardinal Jose Policarpo said dialogue with Muslims was "difficult."

"The advice that I give to young Portuguese girls is: Be careful with love, think twice about marrying a Muslim," said Cardinal Jose Policarpo of Lisbon on Tuesday evening. "Think seriously because it brings loads of hassle, and even Allah can't say where all that will end."

"It is only possible to dialogue with those who want to have dialogue, for example with our Muslim brothers dialogue is very difficult," he said. "We have taken the first steps, but it's extremely difficult -- because for them, their truth is the only way."


Robert said...

I would go even further and say Catholics shouldn't marry Protestants either.

Thomas Shawn said...

You are entirely correct in this assessment.