Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You Better Hope Not

Cardinal says credit crisis has killed capitalism

This headline grabbed me and I said to myself, "I bet this Cardinal is of the progressive/homosexual variety and that statement was one of hope." And true to form it was. Once again this is the kind of story that skirts the boundaries between my two blogs.

from the U.K. Telegraph

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, 76, made the astonishing claim at a lavish fund-raising dinner at Claridges which secured pledges of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the catholic church.in the picture:
The Cardinal has set up a £3 million appeal for Westminster Cathedral which he fears will be forced to close within a decade if cash is not found for urgent repairs

Good luck, Cardinal, trying to squeeze 3 million quid from the socialists. They'll probably give it but require that the Cathedral be turned into a homo-erotic art house (along the lines of Los Angeles' Taj Mahoney.)"

This credit crisis will not kill captialism, instead it is proving its worth. Time to get government out of the business of pushing home mortgages onto the rental class. Hopefully the crisis will kill the debt driven consumerism and everyone can back to everyday commerce based on money that they actually have and Cormac can go back to his lavish dinners.

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