Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Break from the Rock N Roll Action

Just a quick scan of the Real Clear Religion News ticker on the left ..... it's kind sick in a way. I don't even have to even read these stories anymore to see the common thread that runs through them, through the world and forever echoed in this blog. When you confront liberals with these issues they pass you off as an isolated iconoclast, worrying about nothing, out of touch with the "times", your concerns are passed off as paranoia. Reading this stuff sickens me but it is "Christ confirming." That is, confirming that without salvation via Christ individuals, nations and the world are doomed.

Spain set to loosen abortion law Ah, what is this fetish of the socialists with the culture of death? At first glance one would think the softhearted socialists would merely want to ensure the economic well being of the poor, saddled with children. No, they want to kill those babies. Indeed Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House of Reps in the USA wanted to drape the entire nation in a condom, inserting $ billions into a pork barrel bill to fund contraceptives. She even termed children as "damaging to the economy.

'Right to die' can become a 'duty to die' - Telegraph This is what we see in Europe? No? Government can only ration healthcare, they cannot provide it. Their solution is to ration care, eliminate the capitalist element and then turn the tables and unleash euthanasia. A cruel fate for the baby boomers who gorged themselves on birth control.

Winona Womenpriests compare themselves to SSPX The problem here is that Ordinatio Sacerdotalis issued "from the Chair of Peter" by Pope John Paul II. It clearly says no-no to women priests. The SSPX were in a spat about Vatican II and the new-new Mass, a situation that has been resolved.

'Gays' put 'terrorist' label on Christians Funny how the gays never say boo to Muslims who regularly execute homosexuals. The homosexuals are the foot soldiers of Satan, sadly, Satan will chew them up and spit them out once Christendom is torn down.

Obama Ripped on "Sex Agenda"--Scholar says president following Kinsey's plan of sexual anarchy All of this falls under reason #34,488,281 why no Christian should send their child to public school. Public schools perform the handiwork of the Beast.

How to Win the Culture War Peter Kreeft details how to win, and indirectly points out why we are currently losing.

Alan Keyes stokes Obama birth certificate controversy Ho- ho -ho So it not just isolated bloggers from central Massachusetts hot on this issue. I do believe there is a Clinton supporter lawyer from PA also pusuing this with the Supreme Court. I recently confronted a libtard with this data .... he never responded. This is a real issue!

"I feel closer to each and every Lutheran than the SSPX priests"- Catholic bishop Hmm.. why not pack your bags and go? What's the problem? The pay and benefits no good over there?

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