Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Not Sure What to Make of This

Reporter Fearful that Obama Can Read Minds

San Francisco Bugle Examiner
"News Under a Microscope"
Jacob Rester

Washington D.C.- In what reporters are calling an "odd situation," during President Barack Obama's Wednesday news conference, the Commander in Chief answered several questions before they were asked.

“I was going to ask him how his daughters were,” said Susan Shepard, a news correspondent for Conservative News and Reporting. “But after he allowed me to ask a question, I looked over my notes to see my questions. Before I could say anything, he said that Sasha and Malia are fine Susan.”

“I hadn’t even told him my name,” Shepard continued.

According to reports, President Obama answering before questions are asked has been happening for months. In July of 2008, when asked about “the situation in…” Obama replied that the Russians and Georgians would have to come together to find peace.

“This was especially confusing, because Russia invaded Georgia the next month,” said William Yapste, a reporter for Georgia Central News. “Then he talked about South Ossetia and Georgia’s claims on the land. I was amazed that this news was buried the way it was.”

Yapste concluded by saying, “Later in the interview Obama kept talking about the horsemen of the apocalypse in the Bible and the year 2012 and kept winking at me.” -Bugle Examiner

In general, I consider pro-abort liberals as agents of Satan .. but Obama may have a special, higher rank in that corps.

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