Saturday, February 07, 2009

From the Outraged Spleen Reading Room

Jesus or Mohammed?


BabbaZee said...

thank you very much for your comment!

all I can say is WOW!

Thomas Shawn said...

You know, the wow goes to you and your blog ...where do you get the time to do all that posting ... you post all the things that run through my mind but don't have time to get to ... like that Bush/Obama "we gotta do this now" pork package.

You even posted Johnny Cash .. he he I did that a few months ago.

I'm envious of your 100 comment threads ... in the meantime I'll continue to read your blog as a humble student on how to do it.

BabbaZee said...

Well you see it's like this -

I'm out of work since 2004 due to a bunch of surgeries I had, I lost some innards and became disabled. So, I am not trying to hold down a job AND do this, this has now BECOME my job in a way....

During the week especially in the AM there is a lot of banter, you should come by. The weekends are slower but people are there now posting.

How do I do it?
I'm not really sure myself - thus "Floatin' Powa News Service" I'm sorta just moving my hands.... I listen well I guess.

Oh on the Johnny Cash / Music thing - I see you have an interest in music and quite a broad range of good taste too -

Must be a God Blogger Thing


Well thanks again for that comment, it is the total opposite of what I usually hear!!!