Saturday, February 14, 2009


I won't reveal what these people were commenting on, or where they were commenting from. I just ask, are they on to something?

Something very sinister is happening to this country. Slowly its being turned into some sort of monster where you can't think or say anything without having to look over your back. Your movements and whereabouts are monitored and all aspects of you thoughts and views are trying to be controlled. We all sit back and complain a little but don't actually do anything about it.The day will come soon where it will be all too late.

This sort of Orwellian nonsense will not stop until we have a change of government - hopefully !

I agree with you but how can we act when democracy in this country has become a dictatorship elected by the majority?

Believe it or not we are a christian country founded on christian values.
Why are we being discriminated against ?

The real problem is the leaders of the church. They do not stand up and fight the good fight, they talk about 'accommodation'. Where are the Bishops and the like preaching Christianity and defending its principles?

Terms like quisling and thought police come to mind.

George Orwell's 1984 people! thought crime thought police double speak its just around the corner people! we have to adhere to other religious beliefs but are loosing our own soon they will bring out new speak it's the next step for them to ruin this country

We are now living in a Stalinist state, where, under the aegis of equality and diversity we must now apparently embrace and espouse the same narrow collectivist political cultural views. And this is diversity??

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