Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fanatholic Tapping into the Catholic/Football Action

I was doing a little peeking around blooger and ran accross Fanatholic. The post was about a Polish goal keeper in the Scottish Elite League in trouble for doing something religious.I thought, "Hmm, someone else is doing a football/Catholic blog" but I think Fanatholic mainly sticks to pure religion.

I haven't seen too much of the Scottish League on Sentanta sports but I hadn't noticed the religion ban. What is painfully obvious is the religiosity of the players in the English and French League that I have been following intensely for two weeks now. Most of the players cross themselves when entering the pitch and the Muslim fellows do this hands over the face thingy.

To my shock the blog master has a link to this humble blog! Well, his is a professional sort of affair so I recommend his blog highly. Click the title of this post for a direct link and join in on the fun. I'll post a related story shortly.

Editor's note: I'll not be calling my rekindled love by the name of "soccer." It is football. American Football (quasi rugby while wearing ABS plastic) will be referred to as American Football.

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