Saturday, August 12, 2006

MA Gov. Mit Romney Dispatches State Police, National Guard and Girls Playing Dress Up to Logan International Airport

credit: AP photo

Hmm, which one of these Massachusetts State troopers makes you feel safer? Conversely, if you were a terrorist, which trooper would intimidate you?

The trooper on the right? Notice the eyes and that ominous finger very close to the trigger.

Or, the trooper on the left? concerned about the photographer, holding that assault rifle like a Gucci bag, and walking like a toy soldier from the Nutcracker. She didn't even press her pants.

This is a picture of a nation only half willing to protect itself, more concerned about political correctness than internal security.

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Lee said...

The one on the right could potentially be the first one to go down - possibly some officious martinet with the IQ of a bag of hammers.
The one on the left is a smaller - possibly more resilient - target, and might just be one tough little beeyoch.
Can't tell by a photograph.