Saturday, August 12, 2006

Godzilla, Evil Zionist Oppressor

Photo Credit: Reuters (incl. special cut and paste smoke) (Godzilla from a blog somewhere)

There have been so many amateurish photoshopped pictures coming from pro-terrorist news sources like Reuters, CNN and Al Jazeera (see here, here, here, here) that is time that the truth finally come out.

International Zionists and their Christian lackeys have unleashed their most powerful weapon on the innocent rocket firing residents of South Lebabanon and South Beirut: Godzilla. The Editor in Chief of Ad Jesu Per Mariam has summoned the journalistic integrity and courage to transmit this shocking picture to the world. You see? Godzilla even has the name of God in it. What more proof do you need that all these wars are caused by people who believe in God.

These God believers will not confine themselves to upper middle class, white, exclusive suburbs like Belmont, MA, nor will they bide their time, indulge their athiesm, stoke their 401-K, listen to Pink and Barbara Streisand songs all the while plying their corporate careers. No, these God Believers are out there, living in places like Tel Aviv, Israel and Lowell, MA, USA ... plotting their God inspired war-like plans.

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