Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When Charismatic Catholics Attack: Reason 10,203 Why We Won't Ordain Women

This was from a show called "Trading Spouses" which I constantly scan for religious content. Religion comes up constantly! In this episode, a lady from Louisiana visitied a family in central Massachsuetts to go live with Wiccans. Meanwhile the Wiccan lady came down to Louisiana. Oh yeah, you guessed it, the Wiccan was "raised Catholic."

The tough thing to judge is which makes you more nuts: 1) leaving the Church to go Wiccan or 2) staying in Church but going charismatic.

Click on the title link to view the high res file from folks at Click on the video to go to YouTube.

This post is for the webmaster over at Ryan's Smashing Life.


Code Name: Ryan said...

I am not sure where I stand on all your arguments, but you certainly won me over with this hilarious clip. I remember talking this over with you. A decent concept show and they landed the biggest fish ever with this lady.

Thanks for the mention.

Thomas Shawn said...

I'm not sure I had an argument on this post.

Anonymous said...

This clip is no more representative of women as a whole than it is of Christians as a whole.

So, if you say this is reason 10,000-some why the Catholic church doesn't ordain women, I say it's reason 10,000-some why sane people aren't Christian.

Thomas Coolberth said...

Oh well, where are you writing from some black hole in Biafra ?

All of the West (100 %) developed as part of Christendom .. the culture, the laws, the morals, the traditions, the music, the technology, the thinking ... everything.

So you're saying all of Western civilization is insane .. well okay ... now roll around in the dirt because without Christendom you have NOTHING!