Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ribery staying in Marseilles, (for now).

Franck Ribery, who caught my eye during the World Cup, has been back and forth on where he is going to go. He's 23, an attacking forward and he made quite a showing at the Cup for France. He plays for Marseilles in the French top league. There were exciting rumours of his going to Arsenal at the suggestion of Team France teammate Theirry Henry.

Henry, a striker, is not easy to hook up with, which is something that even my novice football eyes picked up while watching a few of the France matches. This was confirmed when I wandered over to the Arsenal message boards. The Gunner fans over there like him but Henry is like a fine wine around which you debate back and forth what dish to serve it with.

The editorial position of Ad Jesu per Mariam is that we'd like to see him play in the English Premier League but maybe this is not the year for him. Euro Cup is coming (qualifiers are ongoing) and Franck is a family man. Besides, yours truly just scored a subsciption to Santanta Sports on DirecTV for the whopping sum of $12.00 month thru which I'll see approximtely 100 French, English, German, Irish and Spanish League games. I'll be able to slake my thirst for the excitement generated by Ribery.

Note on Franck: the scar on his face is from an auto accident suffered at the age of 2. Now, now, don't feel sorry for him. He'll be a millionaire soon enough and I've seen pictures of his lovely wife, Whahiba, cheering him from the stands. He's leading a blessed life. I truly believe he will inherit the mantle from Zidane.

Latest wire: Marseilles 2 - Rennes 0 . Ribery was all over the place, attacking at the 80th minute! Santanta Sports rules. Thank you DirecTV.

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