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Cardinal O'Malley on the Implications of Abortion: Blowback

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Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is a blogger. The observation he offers in the second paragraph is not original one, I read it somewhere else some months ago in an article by a British chap who titled the article "Turnaround is Fair Play" but it is still a prphetic vision.

Instead of turnaround, I prefer the term blowback which in weapons parlance is the back blask from rocket launhers and the like. The CIA and Foreign Affairs types use it to describe the Osama bin Laden effect: arm a guy to the teeth to fight your common enemy, he defeats that enemy and then turns on you. The first paragraph sets the context, many people do not know about depopulation.

A recent article in the British news magazine, The Economist, indicates the present demographic crisis in the West. In the European community there is 1.4 fertility rate — that means that in five years deaths will outnumber births. The most prosperous areas have less children. The fertility rate in Italy and Spain is 1.2, that translates into a population in twenty years to half of what it is today. And the typical citizen will have no brothers and sisters, no cousins, no aunts and uncles. The British news magazine went on to say that our situation in the United States is better because Americans are more devout — we are churchgoers and churchgoers get married and have families. The Churches in the United States are family friendly and nurture family life. They even quote Hilary “It take a village to raise a child” but they added the Church is that village. I like that. I believe it is true. One of the reasons the Church defends marriage in the face of divorce, cohabitation and redefinition of marriage by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is that marriage and family are the Sanctuary of Life and when that sanctuary is violated, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, real happiness, society itself is at risk.

The Church is a bastion of defense against the culture of death. In terms of the film Children of Men we are “the human project” — the alternative is the culture of death. As the populations of the Western world age, we will see that the generation of parents that aborted their own children, will be euthanized by the children who survived.

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Mark said...

Finally, someone who has something to say about the disturbing movie "Children of Men" that makes sense!