Saturday, January 06, 2007

Redefining Marriage is Not a Civil Right

(I like the picture, see the priest
to the right of the flag bearer?)

During a recent discussion among friends, defenders of same sex marriages, made a link to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately, this is a false comparison. There is a reason why the civil rights movement was 1) right and 2) victorious. The reason is this: those rights that the Afro-Americans asked for may have been denied by the Constitution but they were unalienable because they came from GOD. Two men laying with each other and wanting everyone to call it marriage is not from GOD. It is from Satan. It is diabolical disorientation

This brings up the fundamental truths of the two struggles. The civil rights movement was fomented and led by religious men and women, spearheaded by Southern Baptist ministers. The radical homosexual movement is composed of wealthy, white, liberals. The homosexuals want to destroy this society, the Afro-Americans wanted to participate in it.

Satan cannot create he can only mimic. It is telling that my atheist friends invoke the civil rights movement in an effort to bolster the legitimacy of their agenda. This is the godless citing the work of the godfearing as precedent. This is akin to Adolf Hitler citing the artist influence of the Yiddish folk music as the a source of inspiration for the Nazi anthem Deutschland Uber Alles. A hostile comparison indeed.

Unbeknownst to the liberal social experimenters there is a dark lord at the head of there movement but most of these foot soldiers know not the ultimate plan nor the identity of their general.

from by Glenn T. Stanton

Same-sex marriage proponents have made surprising strides in getting a hearing for their radical marriage counterfeit. No society at any time has ever raised a generation of children in same-sex families, yet these family revolutionaries only needed to convince four judges in Massachusetts and one lawless mayor in San Francisco to inflict their highly experimental ideas on the rest of us.

Gay activists have gained their ground through emotional manipulation and by diverting the public’s attention away from the thousands of scientific studies that tell us how healthy child-development requires mothers and fathers. They have manipulated us by high-jacking civil rights language. And as a result, millions of boys and girls will be subjected to intentionally motherless and fatherless families for no other reason than to fulfill the desires of adults who want such families.

A moment’s reflection reveals that “giving marriage a gay make-over” as one gay protester in Denver recently put it, is not a civil rights issue. Sex preference is not skin color. San Francisco is not Selma. Marriage is not a lunch counter or a seat on a bus.

...African-Americans are not allies of same-sex marriage advocates – certainly not brothers and sisters marching arm in arm in the struggle for equality. They are, instead, same-sex marriage’s greatest opponents, even more so, surprisingly, than the religious community.

The same-sex marriage proponent’s slippery rhetoric would have us denounce most blacks as bigots. Or maybe African-Americans see this not as an issue of equality, but morality -- and very little morality at that. Jesse Jackson recently challenged the comparison that gay “marriage” is a civil rights issue by explaining that “gays were never called three-fifths human in the Constitution and in that they did not require the Voting Rights Act to have the right to vote.” Is Jackson a bigot?


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Anonymous said...

Why are Americans so opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage? I'm Swedish and we've had a version of same-sex marriage for more than a decade and it hasn't harmed our society and most Swedes support same-sex marriage. Who does it harm? Why should people who pay taxes be denied the same rights as everyone else? You may have a religious objection but not everyone shares your religious beliefs and other people should not have their rights circumscribed because of the hysterical statements the Vatican makes. The Bible has been used to justify alot of appalling acts, including racism, anti-semitism, slavery, genocide, military conquest and the burning alive of women accused of witchcraft. Justification for all of the above can be found in the badly mislabelled 'Good' Book. Surely you must know this? Or are you like the vast majority of the world's Catholics who've never bothered to open and read the entire thing all the way through?