Monday, January 29, 2007

Quips on the News

You know, the news feed I added right below is really awesome (to me.) Real Clear Religion features all the stories I love to read about and they can certainly provide food for thought for everybody.

VietNam's Population Control Efforts Looks like forced abortions all the way around. I got a solution ... get the women masters degrees, raise the average salary to $40,000 that'll make those pesky kids go away.

Multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims... Solution set: go back to where you came from. If my family moved to Dubai .. I'd sure as hell want to come back to Massachusetts (if only for the weather.)

Give us freedom to speak our minds A Canadian speaks out against homosexual behavior. He risking jail time for sure.

Episcopal diocese wants divorce from U.S.Ha, Ha from the church that made divorce a Sacrament. All of a sudden the Episcopal leadership wants authority recognized ... hey guys, come swim the Tiber and bring your Book of Common Prayer, smells and bells with ya. We'll trade our queer Bishops for your straight ones. Episcopal Bishop John-David Schofield of the San Joaquin Diocese for Bishop Tod Brown .. straight swap.

As population declines, Japan rethinks importing foreign workersHey, we have a spare 15 million crim-aliens, want them?

Quebec sees biggest birth-rate hike since 1909 Good news and good economic analysis. Sounds like the Quebecois are concerned about their culture getting wiped out.

Pope's Latinist pronounces death of a language "It is dying in the Church. I'm not optimistic about Latin. The young priests and bishops are not studying it," said Fr Reginald Foster, 68, a Carmelite friar who was appointed the Papal Latinist 38 years ago by Pope Paul VI. "You cannot understand St Augustine in English. He thought in Latin. It is like listening to Mozart through a jukebox," he told The Sunday Telegraph.

Ahhh, you see, that was the whole plan! To cut the Church off from her patrimony, her doctors and her soul by cutting out her Latin tongue.

Youth suicides soar in wake of Ecuador's exodusThe emigration of residents seeking better pay has left children lacking one or both parents -- and prone to killing themselves.

The culture of death rolls on, bank-rolled by cynical liberals and neo-cons and a fair amount of the Roman Catholic church hierarchy. Let the Church and the US Congress invesitage why South America and Central America are such rotten places to live, figure out a pastoral/legislative solution to that one!

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Thanks for the tip on RCR, Thomas. I enjoy reading your blog.